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Katt Williams In Tears Announcing Retirement From Stand Up Comedy On News TV Station!

Продолжительность: 00:03:08

On Twitter Katt Williams In Tears Announcing His Retirement From Stand Up Comedy On News TV Station! Katt Williams In Tears Announcing His Retirement From Stand Up Comedy On News TV Station! Katt Williams In Tears Announcing His Retirement From Stand Up Comedy On News TV Station! Katt Williams In Tears Announcing His Retirement From Stand Up Comedy On News TV Station! Katt Williams In Tears Announcing His Retirement From Stand Up Comedy On News TV Station! comedy clubs katt williams comedy youtube from katt williams in kat williams new movie advertising on you tube

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Написал: breezebro, 14.07.2014, 02:07

Everybody's picking on him cause he's black, not cause he's attacking people and acting insane, right? The Illuminati made him do it.
Написал: Abid Shah, 24.06.2014, 16:55

Написал: tarik tasbasson, 25.03.2014, 11:44

The guy is definitely a crack head. There's no such thing as the "Illuminati". First of to even accept that the "Illuminati" exists. You first have to accept that. Their main way to converse is by and here's the list you guys believe. Hand shakes, gang signs and folding bills. And if your extra retarded you put in Satan in the picture so I guess, goat sacrifice? Imagen Mike Tysons career. Back then there was no talk about the Illuminati but just like Kat, he couldn't handle it and fuck up their own life. If it would have happened to Mike now, all of you would have been oh my gawd the Illuminati is coming for Tyson. You guys WANT Illuminati to exist, every single artists knows this, and they profit from it. They embrace whatever the fuck you'll call them as long as that gets them money. Welcome to reality, where everything is boring.
Написал: Peroni, 17.08.2014, 01:06

He's not wearing a Kurt Cobain t-shirt for no reason.
Написал: vallesdroid, 15.08.2014, 02:37

your an idiot man!! whoever did this video--- Kat isn't a causality from his success......your waayyy off man!!! if your gonna say it say it.......the illuminati wanna fuck him up bro
Написал: totch hawk, 13.08.2014, 00:12

how about you stop being a child and be a real man is a start
Написал: Marcus Davis, 06.08.2014, 07:10

Its no illumiminatti bullshit dude. Its his drug addiction. You pretty much just said that katt williams will die ONE DAY. REALLY. NONE OF US KNEW THAT. And MJ and bernie Mac werent "taken out". MJ used propofol to sleep, Bernie died from Pnemonoa. GTFOH.
Написал: Rick Clark, 05.08.2014, 15:30

The Illuminati R real and they Control and have their Hand In everything. They, Them, He, She Or Whoever and Whatever The Illuminati Is They can take out Whoever they want Start Wars Wherever Cut food and Supplies off in small countries To start a War over Resources. They will do whatever they need to control the Masses To keep ppl Under control Fuck Them They can rot in hell with their Greed And GodComplexes. What i have said Here is just a small part of what They r so watch out they still have Tons of Concentration Camps to Fill Be Aware 
Написал: EppicChick, 02.08.2014, 21:27

Hang in there.
Написал: Tamara Reyna, 30.07.2014, 20:23

We love you kat! Stay true to you and fuck the illuminati.
Написал: muchomusiclibre, 28.07.2014, 12:38

Who is the illuminati? If you can't name one person in the illuminati then they don't exist and you're looking for some boogieman to explain why people do the shit they do. 
Написал: Ernesto Gamino, 27.07.2014, 16:24

Well if the illuminati dont get him we mexicans will fucking luky charms
Написал: Martin Luther, 27.07.2014, 04:52

God Bless Katt....
Написал: Shannon Butler, 27.07.2014, 00:38

Read some of the dumb comments. Remember this till the day u die "these brothers in the entertainment industry are not gettting were there at in life by chance or luck" they are smart individuals that got a break in life. The story about drugs is the weakest and easiest story to tell, and i really dont believe its by chance that every single entertainer frst problem is drugs or some kind of car crash or random accident, people are so easy to fool now a days, the fact that there is always random people around to interact with Katt Williams is very odd. U dont see the general public around Eddie Murphy or others like that.
Написал: Jessica Williamson, 26.07.2014, 21:52

He's been strong and not fallin for their shit and standin up to them but I fear he will be one of the next dead, like Paul Walker, Philip Seymore Hoffman, ect. I hope he can avoid it, but if they want you they'll get you
Написал: markpritchard09, 26.07.2014, 12:31

the narrator is a incompetent faggot who's just guessing. 
Написал: Hatcha Brothaz, 24.07.2014, 17:45

just because your wealthy that don't mean your happy when you known as a black man your a target, especially when you don't give in to the PEOPLE who trying to control you 
Написал: milehighclubmember1, 23.07.2014, 13:44

Katt does heavy drugs, good role model for us African Americans, I admit he is funny, but he makes us blacks look stupid sometimes, # truth 
Написал: Rob D, 22.07.2014, 01:40

Написал: vallesdroid, 15.08.2014, 02:35

are they gonna sacrifice him? i ask because what's with the curt shirt? i feel sorry for him and i'll pray for him. 
Написал: Kathleen Higdon, 19.07.2014, 07:36

He's not upset or scared he knew what he was into so sayin that he really has learned something but he isn't Scared!! No way Just lesson learned !!!
Написал: capatthis, 16.07.2014, 22:32

beacuse they took the money from him now hes back in the ghetto people hated on him beacuse he left the illumininti
Написал: David Alexander, 14.07.2014, 19:00

People always try to make something out of nothing. The man clearly has mental issues and this is why some successful people fall off the mountain. This is no different.
Написал: Don Kopp, 12.07.2014, 20:14

The true powers that be are putting a hurting on him for bring to light that fact the powers that be exist!!!
Написал: 303Miles, 11.07.2014, 14:20