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Katt Williams In Tears Announcing Retirement From Stand Up Comedy On News TV Station!

Продолжительность: 00:03:08

On Twitter Katt Williams In Tears Announcing His Retirement From Stand Up Comedy On News TV Station! Katt Williams In Tears Announcing His Retirement From Stand Up Comedy On News TV Station! Katt Williams In Tears Announcing His Retirement From Stand Up Comedy On News TV Station! Katt Williams In Tears Announcing His Retirement From Stand Up Comedy On News TV Station! Katt Williams In Tears Announcing His Retirement From Stand Up Comedy On News TV Station! comedy clubs katt williams comedy youtube from katt williams in kat williams new movie advertising on you tube

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Написал: Casey Smith, 16.11.2014, 08:05

You can blame it on other things all you want, Katt Williams makes Katt William's choices. Looks like he's made some bad choices and that's nobody's fault but his.
Написал: Salim Mahmood, 20.11.2014, 22:34

it the big boys on top that have ruined his career and all these other stars...fact is when you do not do what they want you to do...they will demolish you..
Написал: DSKiller619, 12.09.2014, 00:47

Not sure if I should be scared of the fictional group, named "Illuminati," or the stupidity of these people who truly believe in their existence. You can't even have an intellectual conversation with these idiots - a typical response from these brainwashed ding dongs is, "They want you to believe that." 
Написал: breezebro, 14.07.2014, 02:07

Everybody's picking on him cause he's black, not cause he's attacking people and acting insane, right? The Illuminati made him do it.
Написал: Rick Clark, 05.08.2014, 15:30

The Illuminati R real and they Control and have their Hand In everything. They, Them, He, She Or Whoever and Whatever The Illuminati Is They can take out Whoever they want Start Wars Wherever Cut food and Supplies off in small countries To start a War over Resources. They will do whatever they need to control the Masses To keep ppl Under control Fuck Them They can rot in hell with their Greed And GodComplexes. What i have said Here is just a small part of what They r so watch out they still have Tons of Concentration Camps to Fill Be Aware 
Написал: rick valentino, 29.08.2014, 02:02

If the illuminati don't exist. Why does stuff like this always seem to happen after people in the industry are outspoken about them? Come on people are in denial. Just saying.
Написал: Greg Ferguson, 24.11.2014, 06:59

ILLUMINATI they did it to the brilliant Dave Chappell, Michael Jackson, and anyone else who speaks out against them
Написал: Alberto Lopez, 23.11.2014, 09:44

Drugs do this to everyone. Just look at the crackheads on the corner, they have the same look. The hopelessness of addiction will drive a man to a life of shame and seclusion. 
Написал: Abid Shah, 24.06.2014, 16:55

Написал: muchomusiclibre, 28.07.2014, 12:38

Who is the illuminati? If you can't name one person in the illuminati then they don't exist and you're looking for some boogieman to explain why people do the shit they do. 
Написал: Benjamin Filbert, 09.11.2014, 07:32

It would have been better if he announced his retirement from drugs. 
Написал: GuitarWholesale, 06.11.2014, 02:30

Being a racist black and messing with everybody acussing them of hecklers killed your "short" career.
Написал: Arthura de Gobineau, 24.09.2014, 23:06

dumb ass coons always end up shooting themselves in the foot. but it's ok He says he is a Christian, LMAO
Написал: Tony Seagle, 15.10.2014, 12:51

Guess Steve Harvey got the last laugh. lol
Написал: Rafael Castillo, 09.10.2014, 04:36

Good riddance , you little test tube baby !!!!!!!!
Написал: Georgia Hull, 03.10.2014, 23:18

Looks like meth to me.
Написал: Kateřina Šafaříková, 30.09.2014, 17:47

HE *TALKED* ABOUT THE ILLUMINATI AND HOW THEY DESTROY PEOPLE WHO DO NOT PUSH THEIR AGENDA! Do your research on the subject of Illuminati, listen to various insiders and their stories and STOP ASKING UNBELIEVABLY STUPID QUESTIONS! IF YOU HAVE HALF A BRAIN, you'll recongnise very soon, that it's not some mad consp. theory, but the TRUTH. Everything you seem so confused about, will start making sence to you! Sorry, but people who STILL didn't notice the Illuminati's impact on the world, irritate me. (Do not respond to me, I will not read it. Save your time.)
Написал: CanineGrowTime, 22.09.2014, 08:14

Oh, poor guy. He looks horrible compared to how we're used to seeing him. His cousin died and I think that is what was hurting his heart and why he was so upset, this type of interview just brings it all back. Blame who you want... but I don't think the Illuminati has anything to do with it. 
Написал: adrenacrumb, 25.11.2014, 03:39

Crack dude. It's always the crack.
Написал: Fiddlekrazy Steve, 02.09.2014, 04:31

You said "Those" people! I think you know what is going on here. Of course there are people ( some Paid) to denounce and Bunk up what is really happening. What is going on right now with Chapelle? I Personally believe Dave knew it, MIchael knew it, Prince Knows and Katt Knows it. Who wants to Bet Somethin' happens to Jayz or Bee in the next year? Maybe Katey P gets bit and needs shots from her Shark Toothed BF? Pfffft! Who knows! ???
Написал: Luna Mama, 17.11.2014, 15:58

So sad!! He seems to be a nice person. Does the right thing. And is being punished for it. I hope things have gotten better for him. 
Написал: Sean Wilson, 22.11.2014, 00:04

They took it from him. 
Написал: Jorge Anonimo, 27.08.2014, 17:41

I even get emotionel when i see this video, the truth is a danger to lil satan and his gay raping women wannabee thugs on tv, one luv 2 katt from Belgium, he is a modern prophet and you know what they do 2 prophets, they talk bad things about him because he is telling the truth or they gonna kill him, oh Allah please protect your servent KATT WILIAMS !!! i write this from my soul, One luv from a white muslim from europe, keep the truth ALIVE !!!
Написал: Val Luv, 07.11.2014, 01:20

Money does not buy you peace or happiness, we all have seen it happen to some of our greatest entertainers in the world. 
Написал: henry rolle, 17.11.2014, 05:25

the idea of centralized power in the hands of a few puppeteers, is what we know today as the illuminati....symbolic for or a shadow of the real and may not see who is in the backgrounds pulling and or pushing, but none the less (THEY) are there....SO PEOPLE DONT BE IGNORANT, BE VIGILANT......DONT BE AFRAID, BE BRAVE....AND LOL, DONT BE KEVIN HART, BE KATT WILLIAMS......LMAO, DONT WHERE A DRESS UNLESS,,,,,,,WELL YOU KNOW, YOUR A HOMO......