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Not a single Jew died in a gas chamber

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Написал: SPACEMONKEY288, 05.11.2014, 20:13

why lie about what happen tho like why would jews lie about it i dont get it ?
Написал: Doug Thwaites, 07.09.2014, 16:44

what a head banger. what about all the eye witnesses, and photographic evidence?
Написал: Alwey Wong, 22.10.2014, 22:26

The gas chamber I entered at Dachau ceilings were high, maybe fifteen feet. The doors as I remember were metal. I have read almost every book of that era in our library in Hendersonville, Tn. One of the books told how a brother and sister who were Jewish had to work for the Nazi. The brother told his sister that their mother arrived by train along with others and he led her to the gas chamber so that her suffering and death would not be prolonged. I am now eighty-tree years old and this did happen. Do I have any doubts....none at all. 
Написал: People Power, 23.10.2014, 14:20

There is the illusion through propaganda created by the Zio-owned Main Stream Media that 6m were killed. There is physical evidence that the "gas chambers" they claimed to kill 6m were not capable of handling that number at any time ever. There is evidence that the #6m was being propagandized in the 1890-1912's news papers by the zionist owned media. It's called the HoliHoax. There is evidence that the zionist have been using false flag operations and propaganda to aid in their dirty deeds they commit on humanity.
Написал: Rytis Kurcinskas, 13.09.2014, 15:18

this guy is jail .... :( so sad only for these words :( 
Написал: pc muppet, 01.07.2014, 20:39

Williamson is bang on the money, there is not one shred of credible evidence millions of people were murdered by gas.
Написал: t0mcahill, 25.08.2014, 11:44

Not that the "Great Deceivers" knew, but it looks like as chance would have it, 98 might have done, as some dodgy Nazi doctor wanted some heads that were undamaged. If the story's true, he ordered 100 from Autzwitz, but they couldn't get that many. Source: David Cole (but that doesn't mean it's true). The camp where this happened, was not on the list of the ones that are meant to have had them though. What's most sickening is that most of the things that they claim happened, they only thought up as they did them themselves; most recently in Russia not so long back, when they were the Cheka. Of course, with Judaism declaring war on Germany, prior to hostilities, if they didn't chose Hitler's side, what could he do? Let them wander about slagging off the country and sabotaging and killing people on the snide? I need to look into all this stuff about experimentation in camps, as it sounds like a Jewish hobby to me, not to mention "Jewish Science". It's all in their holy book, the Talmud, so they are technically broadcasting it.
Написал: Brandon Billings, 12.05.2014, 22:17

I find it cute that he says o my 200,000 Jews died..... it amazes me how we have so many retarded in this world. How do you explain the 6 million Jewish people that were alive and well but for some reason ended up in a fire!!!
Написал: 5888max, 20.11.2014, 00:29

Handy - It is very dangerous to Gas people, even to passers by apparently, I we give the thing a miss then. I would hate any mishaps seems you could have somebody's eye out with that sort of carry on ! 
Написал: Alwey Wong, 31.10.2014, 20:42

Take a trip to Dachau, Germany and when you walk away your doubts will no longer remain. Isn't it amazing that a backward collar commands respect that is not earned?
Написал: nunya baznus, 17.11.2014, 00:29

Написал: L.O.V.E_4_MICHAELJACKSON, 30.07.2014, 07:59

How is that anrti-Semetism? He's not saying anything bad about the Jews or saying he hates them, just that he doesn't think this happened.
Написал: sponge me, 07.11.2014, 22:28

try searching for photographic evidence of gas chambers,then the zyclon b gas theyre supposed to have used,non of it adds up,the crematoria takes 4 hours to burn a single body !!!!! what the hell,have we been lied to all this time,oh my god
Написал: a gypsyranger, 21.08.2014, 19:59

Jesuit filth Jesuit filth Jesuit filth you know who you are I see you
Написал: Kurt Rustle, 04.11.2014, 22:15

Wow, you can go to prison in Germany for questioning history books? Sounds like lack of freedom of speech
Написал: Cosmin Cosma, 27.10.2014, 07:07

And we should trust this vatican agent?
Написал: arka67, 25.10.2014, 21:20

this guy is an embarrassment …. 
Написал: Robert McNamara, 06.10.2014, 11:32

Jews are evil Inbred White Trash who are lazy, filthy and thieves.
Написал: Jazmine Waller, 06.07.2014, 17:59

The Jews faked Torah and faked History! they're known around the world and throughout history for their lies, deceit, manipulation and fraud! wouldn't expect anything else from them. True will always come out, sooner or later! Now they manipulate the media!
Написал: mary o'connell, 22.07.2014, 22:46

No one ever claimed 6M jews were killed in the gas chambers. Oh my did you see the look on his face when the narrator first asked him the question. A man of God sitting there lying but what do you expect from Catholics, hypocrites the lot of them. There were no gas chambers in Germany Bishop, they were in Poland. Bishop they were sent naked into the gas chambers, not clothed. He's basing his theories on misinformation. Oh and btw, I am Catholic, not Jewish. Bishop, there are many many experts who have studied the historical evidence as well and all come to the conclusion that there were gas chambers in Auschwitz and Auschwitz-Birkenau.
Написал: TheVoiceOfTruth, 30.09.2014, 14:55

funny how the german's say they are against socialism yet imprisoning someone for expressing opinion and telling truth which is considered a federal offense XD Germany is in its worst it has ever been
Написал: Evin Nogod, 07.09.2014, 06:21

He's probably right there were only 200k but that is so depressing. That means we now have to kill 6 million more jews than we already have to kill to rid the world of the disgusting Yids. Time to re-implement the final solution. Start building ovens. We have 15 million in the U.S. alone to get rid of. Ahhh the smell of burning Jew in the morning. Good times.
Написал: Apam Magyar Volt., 11.11.2014, 00:19

You tube video... "SIX MILLION JEWS 1915-1938 HD" shows many newspapers dating long before the "Holocost" reciting the same 6 Million Jews mantra. 
Написал: Sander Alexandersson, 12.11.2014, 22:29

The official Holocaust is as true as the official WTC.
Написал: Huber Hacker, 20.11.2014, 01:33