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Not a single Jew died in a gas chamber

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Написал: Doug Thwaites, 07.09.2014, 16:44

what a head banger. what about all the eye witnesses, and photographic evidence?
Написал: t0mcahill, 25.08.2014, 11:44

Not that the "Great Deceivers" knew, but it looks like as chance would have it, 98 might have done, as some dodgy Nazi doctor wanted some heads that were undamaged. If the story's true, he ordered 100 from Autzwitz, but they couldn't get that many. Source: David Cole (but that doesn't mean it's true). The camp where this happened, was not on the list of the ones that are meant to have had them though. What's most sickening is that most of the things that they claim happened, they only thought up as they did them themselves; most recently in Russia not so long back, when they were the Cheka. Of course, with Judaism declaring war on Germany, prior to hostilities, if they didn't chose Hitler's side, what could he do? Let them wander about slagging off the country and sabotaging and killing people on the snide? I need to look into all this stuff about experimentation in camps, as it sounds like a Jewish hobby to me, not to mention "Jewish Science". It's all in their holy book, the Talmud, so they are technically broadcasting it.
Написал: Brandon Billings, 12.05.2014, 22:17

I find it cute that he says o my 200,000 Jews died..... it amazes me how we have so many retarded in this world. How do you explain the 6 million Jewish people that were alive and well but for some reason ended up in a fire!!!
Написал: pc muppet, 01.07.2014, 20:39

Williamson is bang on the money, there is not one shred of credible evidence millions of people were murdered by gas.
Написал: L.O.V.E_4_MICHAELJACKSON, 30.07.2014, 07:59

How is that anrti-Semetism? He's not saying anything bad about the Jews or saying he hates them, just that he doesn't think this happened.
Написал: a gypsyranger, 21.08.2014, 19:59

Jesuit filth Jesuit filth Jesuit filth you know who you are I see you
Написал: Jazmine Waller, 06.07.2014, 17:59

The Jews faked Torah and faked History! they're known around the world and throughout history for their lies, deceit, manipulation and fraud! wouldn't expect anything else from them. True will always come out, sooner or later! Now they manipulate the media!
Написал: Rytis Kurcinskas, 13.09.2014, 15:18

this guy is jail .... :( so sad only for these words :( 
Написал: Evin Nogod, 07.09.2014, 06:21

He's probably right there were only 200k but that is so depressing. That means we now have to kill 6 million more jews than we already have to kill to rid the world of the disgusting Yids. Time to re-implement the final solution. Start building ovens. We have 15 million in the U.S. alone to get rid of. Ahhh the smell of burning Jew in the morning. Good times.
Написал: mary o'connell, 22.07.2014, 22:46

No one ever claimed 6M jews were killed in the gas chambers. Oh my did you see the look on his face when the narrator first asked him the question. A man of God sitting there lying but what do you expect from Catholics, hypocrites the lot of them. There were no gas chambers in Germany Bishop, they were in Poland. Bishop they were sent naked into the gas chambers, not clothed. He's basing his theories on misinformation. Oh and btw, I am Catholic, not Jewish. Bishop, there are many many experts who have studied the historical evidence as well and all come to the conclusion that there were gas chambers in Auschwitz and Auschwitz-Birkenau.
Написал: BullOnCock Sunder, 07.09.2014, 05:42

It is my belief, more such truths can fall out one after the other like hidden skeletons if we open more and more closets of similar contexts. It enhances my claim that there is more to it than meets the eye when it comes to well organized communities like the Jews. All have their share in their parts of the world. But Jews outshine all, more particularly the intruders from Europe.
Написал: kates mimi, 12.05.2014, 22:30

At the age of 9, I was on a school trip to Dachau (Germany)! I was so young but it left a eternal memory! There were gas chambers -- I placed my hand into one of the imprints of a hand, scratching into the wall! There WERE *gas chambers*, *OVENS* for *adults, children AND infants*! There were cement walls behind trenches with thousands of bullet holes. For anyone who is denying the Holocaust, I suggest you visit this place in Germany! May GOD/YHWH have mercy on us all!
Написал: Andrew Gold, 08.09.2014, 17:04

Bishop Williamson, You really are a lowlife scumbag, Just another camp "man" of the cloth. but take comfort because where you're going you wont see one jew lol.
Написал: Malte Weinert, 20.08.2014, 10:23

who is this retard?
Написал: MrProtopopescu, 19.08.2014, 18:02

Написал: Bolden Berg, 06.05.2014, 11:23

"Indirectly," he [Ginzburg] said. "The jews suffered most under the Zionists, especially in the ghettos and the autonomous areas. A jew could be thankful if he were in a German camp like Auschwitz, for at least he would be fed as long as supplies lasted and he would receive medical treatment."
Написал: ptrhuber, 22.05.2014, 16:55

This guy was "fired" after making these statements! It should be enough reason to study and see the researchers Fred Leuchter and Msr Faurrisons forensic inquiries about the "reality of concentration camps"!
Написал: lasay meno, 12.08.2014, 07:31

The Holocaust was just another Hoax!
Написал: michelle holm, 08.04.2014, 01:31

Hello again idiot, there's many hours of footage of Jews dying in a gas chamber but let's say you are right and nobody died in the gas chamber, you said only 500,000 Jews died. Oh is that all? Maybe you think more should have died being it was such a small amount. Even if they didn't use a gas chamber do you think they were justified holding these people, starving them? Abusing them is okay? Killing them was okay? Maybe you think the whole thing was just fine, maybe they had a reason in your opinion? I don't care if they used a gas chamber or not these people still died, that's okay with you isn't it? What does it matter if they died in a gas chamber? They are still just as dead. In fact the gas chamber would have been more humane than starving them to death. Let me ask you this, do you even think that the Holocaust even happened or do you think that was all a lie too? Where do you get your information? I guess all the people who lived or worked in these camps were lying weren't they? Why do you even concern yourself with the unimportant fact that they were gassed? Do you have hate in your heart? I'm going to tell you something, if you agree, dispute, agree with or hate Jews guess what? You are going to hell, yes you! Even if you are disguising yourself to be a man of God, those are the ones that the Bible warns about. Pull your head out of your ass and do something that is actually good for people, your wasting your time and energy arguing about a past event that is a well documented fact. Even if they didn't use a gas chamber what's your point? Why are you worried about this and trying to convince people that they died but it's not that bad because only a half a million died. Duh Jesus was a Jew you moron. Get your hate and do something else with it. You aren't doing society any good with your nonsense, you're taking up oxygen that someone else who is a good person could be breathing so do yourself a favour and realize that the best part of you ran down your mother's leg onto the sheet and you are what was left. Concern yourself in something that actually helps people and matters to the present time and maybe even the future. 
Написал: Citizenfitz, 31.03.2014, 21:10

No one can doubt the holocaust. Which is why Jews feel the need to defame, harass and imprison anyone who doubts the holocaust.
Написал: Mic Micson, 15.07.2014, 03:45

I believe jews and non-jews were killed but I doubt 6 million. Because NAZI showed proof the papers that said 600,000 to 1 million. It was jewish soviet masterminded illya invented the fake 6 million jews story in 1942 and mass raped more than 2 million German girls and women and more than 4 million girls and women in Eastern Europe even Russian women in the prisons. Our Lady of Fatima said, "Do Not Trust Russia." It is funny that jewish bolshevism racists murdered more than 25 to 125 million White and non-White people in Europe and Russia in 1917 to 1990. jews hid the brutal jewish history from the world. The brutal jewish history is still MISSING LINK.
Написал: phatz bannok, 01.04.2014, 06:00

Even as a kid at school i was kinda thinking Jews were the Evil and not Germany
Написал: CUERVO LUMINOSO, 28.03.2014, 00:36

The neonazis are now merrily downing their saurkraut and bratwürst as in the jolly days of Herr Addy Hitler; judging by their perfumed farts around these pages! LOL
Написал: michelle holm, 08.04.2014, 03:16

Sure, I'll check that video out just to see how they explain genocide, if that's true then the Germans should have released these people. I've seen many videos and pictures where it didn't matter whether it be woman, children and the elderly they were sent to these camps. Do you agree? What does a police officer do if there's a threat to his prisoner due to let's use a fire for example, he has to release the prisoner. Are you telling me that every person there was a threat to Germany losing the war? I urge you to expand your learning capability and research other films and documentation. I'm glad they all had a movie to watch, I've seen many documentaries watching primitive surgical procedures without the need, just for the laughs I guess. Look at the way they were treated, do you think that's right? Do you think they were respected? Watch the videos for yourself, it's on YouTube I'm sure of it. Where do you get this crazy hypothesis? Why are you so blind to what clearly happened? Whether they used gas or not they still died in mass amounts. Do you not agree? Let me ask you something, if a Jew came to you and needed something would you help him? Why do you hate these people and deny what clearly happened? Your argument of why they were even confined holds no value, it equals zero. Several countries were aware of what happened especially the Soviet Union, are they all wrong too. Please just ask God to please help you let it go and concern yourself with helping people and making this world a better place because you are arguing about something that happened a long time ago, why? Are there not more important issues right now? Do you know how ridiculous you seem occupied by this?