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Rep. Gohmert's Fiery Exchange with Attorney General Holder

Продолжительность: 00:10:11

In the Judiciary hearing, Rep. Gohmert pointed out that Texas Federal Prosecutor, James Jacks' filings in court and his comments to the Dallas Morning News are not consistent. He pressed the Attorney General again on why they have not moved forward with the prosecution of CAIR. To view Rep. Trent Franks questioning on this issue before Rep. Gohmert's remarks click here:

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Написал: junior mos, 18.09.2014, 18:02

Is that Luke Perry brother and Georges bush cousin ???? Texas texas texas I feel bad for the peoples down there
Написал: Fred Finizzi, 14.04.2014, 21:42

Talk about bullshit, why is the mic so much lower for the Atty Gnrl than all of the republican which hunters asking the questions.
Написал: PerpetualBurn27, 06.06.2014, 02:28

Can someone please tell me how Gohmert is a moron? All I see is people in the comments saying he's a moron and crazy, but not giving a reason why. I personally think someone who arms the Mexican drug cartel with guns at an attempt to abolish the 2nd Amendment in America is a "moron" or "crazy." Not to mention Benghazi...
Написал: Timmy Campbell, 07.10.2014, 08:41

Texas has more people making minimum wage then the rest of the country the only reason Texas is getting jobs is it because they know they can pay them next to nothing because the Republicans all working with big business and they're happy to say come to Texas we don't care what you pay all people
Написал: Straight Shooter, 17.04.2014, 08:22

Louie Gohmert is a disgrace to humanity
Написал: Northeastshooter, 11.09.2014, 14:59

It matters not if you are a liberal or conservative because the writing is on the wall for your future under Obama and Holder. 1) President Obama will keep his promise and use a multitude of Executive Orders as well as simply changing existing laws in order to grant full amnesty. Likely to occur in early 2015. Obama will say that he is putting those who received amnesty to productive work "providing the United States tax payer with needed services." And what will be the services provided by those who receive amnesty? Immediate enlistment in Obama’s civilian national security force; a force loyal to him. You might be saying that this can never happen.....Just like the IRS and NSA scandals could never happen. Just like millions of Americans losing their healthcare coverage could never happen. Just like Russia invading the Ukraine could never happen or that terrorists could never rise again in Iraq....all could never possibly happen. 
Написал: William Arbuckle, 11.09.2014, 03:04

Please wtach this fool............General Holder, in all the debates re this, gun running , Bhengazi etc and tell me PLEASE!!!!!! how the hell he got appointed?????.............LMAO, the guy is an idiot
Написал: sassy Carter, 14.04.2014, 15:27

HEY BUDDY WHO THE #%#% you Yelling at #%@#$!
Написал: MsOldfart1, 12.04.2014, 03:13

If holder was here in my country someone would shoot him ,its all he deserves he's scum .
Написал: Go And Sin No More, 11.04.2014, 22:34

Oh don't want to go there buddy!......MY people??
Написал: narvidborvalis, 09.04.2014, 00:03

I know this guy keeps saying he was a judge, but I can't believe it. He's just too... ignorant. 
Написал: Prince Mack, 02.06.2014, 05:25

AG Holder carried the fuck out of gomer plye...
Написал: Go And Sin No More, 11.04.2014, 22:32

Oh my......MY PEOPLE??
Написал: McKinley L, 05.05.2014, 01:41

Eric holder= piece of shit. Lies lies lies. Cant stand up to real men. All he could say was. My people or try to make him look bad for getting to bottom of his bullshit lies.
Написал: Tapin4pardude, 23.01.2014, 12:54

Why is it that the loudest people tend to be the craziest? I guess this explains why so many Repukicunts are always yelling. The act and look like the crazy party. Keep it up, for all to see. Goober from Texas!!
Написал: Bobo T, 18.04.2014, 13:01

Don't Mess With....Gohmert's asparagus!
Написал: Scott Farrell, 14.04.2014, 09:58

Another lying POS in the administration. What an arrogant, ass.
Написал: Mary Harris, 17.04.2014, 04:11

Keep fighting for us, please! Their lies are everywhere. Waking America to truth is taking so long. More people are finally waking up to what's going on but the corruption is so abundant & growing every month. There's no other choice but to fight the unconstitutional lies & policies...and the 'transforming' of America into a powerless country. Powerless than ever before & WW3 looming on the horizon. I guess we dismantled our military to make sure we couldn't defend anyone, including ourselves. Our borders are open to all those who will kill us when the time comes. It's not illegal Mexican families that are the danger, it's the illegal Terrorists who keep coming from Yemen, Venezuela, etc. now the terrorists are joining with the cartels, but nobody mentions this on the TV and the media is silent about it. It's sad that people voted for race over New Blueprint for America/Transformation of America, when race has nothing at all to do with the agenda of Progressives /Communists. If nobody fights for us, there will be no congress, no American rights. We'll all be slaves living how we are told to live, by those we pay to make the laws. Only most laws made today are anti American. We're halfway there already, if not more. Is there disagreement? If so, give proof. So called 'talking points' are worthless and I'm really sick of the useless name calling. It's meaningless, but then, that's all you've got. SEARCHLIGHT WIND ENERGY, LLC Project Photo: Visual simulation from Cotton Wood Cove Road, mile marker 4 VITALS : Location: Searchlight, NV, 60 miles southeast of Las Vegas Technology: 87 2.3-megawatt (MW) Siemens wind turbines Electricity production capacity: 200 MW Company: Searchlight Wind Energy, LLC (Duke Energy Systems) BY THE NUMBERS – the project is expected to:  Create approximately 275 construction jobs and up to 15 permanent operation jobs.  Generate enough electricity to power approximately 70,000 homes (Searchlight Wind Energy, LLC is in negotiations for a power purchase agreement).  Be located on approximately 9,300 acres of land managed by the BLM in Clark County, Nevada. The BLM oversees 2.7 million acres of land in Clark County, including more than 1.5 million managed for conservation.  Generate an estimated $18.6 million in tax revenue from property and sales tax for local public agencies over the life of the project. STRONG ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEWS AND MITIGATION: The BLM worked closely with federal, state and local partners, members of the environmental and conservation community, and other interested stakeholders to advance an environmentally sound project.  Smaller footprint: The BLM worked with Searchlight Wind Energy, LLC to design the project footprint to occupy only 152 to 160 acres of total disturbance. Visual Resource Management: BLM will require the use of soil and rock stain on restored areas of the Western Area Substation to reduce the visible color contrast between bare soil and vegetation.  Protecting Wildlife: Searchlight Wind Energy, LLC worked closely with the BLM, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Nevada Department of Wildlife to develop an innovative Avian and Bat Protection Plan to implement robust monitoring and conservation measures that will avoid, minimize and mitigate potential impacts to bat and avian species.  Protecting Cultural Resources: BLM entered into a Programmatic Agreement with the Nevada State Historical Preservation office. In this agreement the applicant will widen the search for traditional cultural properties from 2 miles to 8 miles. This agreement also includes an ethnographic study of the region and a Kiosk for historic information about mining in the area. A SMART, COLLABORATIVE PROCESS: In April of 2009 the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) committed to helping the nation reach its clean energy future by guaranteeing coordinated processing, full environmental analysis and public review for specific renewable energy projects where the companies involved had demonstrated they were ready to advance to the formal environmental review and public participation process. THE BIG PICTURE: Secretary Salazar established a Department-wide goal to complete the environmental reviews for 10,000 MW of renewable energy by 2012. The Department surpassed this goal and, to date, has approved more than 11,500 MW on public lands. The Searchlight Wind Energy, LLC project is one of the initiatives that will help bring Nevada and this nation one step closer to a clean energy economy. 
Написал: Jayson Williams, 31.05.2014, 08:28

AG Holder is a worthy adversary to the reps - he is bright and articulate
Написал: aj ja, 14.04.2014, 03:00

who let the old, white dog out; if this redneck can only listen and stop barking, fucking arrogant, piece of crap, fuck god...
Написал: shaunxk8, 17.04.2014, 18:54

Holder is a traitor to the U.S. 
Написал: clare quilty, 09.04.2014, 14:55

Well, what would you expect from an arrogant progtard AG who came from a law firm that defended mooslim terrorists at Gitmo and who pardoned FALN terrorists who bombed police stations in NYC? Why is anyone surprised? Never ever forget to thank DEMOCRATS for these dangerous anti-American govt employees plaguing our country in this era.
Написал: MrGobsmack, 09.04.2014, 20:30

gohmert is a joke. he belongs on a sitcom.
Написал: Robert Wright, 10.04.2014, 00:42

This has nothing to do with black or white. I guess you were still a glimmer in your dad's eye, when M.L. King said we should all be judged by our character our heart not our skin!!!! Are you so naive you don't know a cover up when you see one!!!!
Написал: Martin Allen, 03.01.2014, 21:45

What a smug little ass wipe holder is, he had a stupid grin on his face all through should arrest him, the rest of your government, plus the bush admin, and lock them up where they never see the light of day again...they are degrading your country, once the most powerful in the world, you are losing your credibility and fear factor....they are systematically taking your Bill of Rights, and Constitution and re-writing it.......Martin Luther King once said "Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed." free human beings we must all demand our basic human rights, after all, it is WE the public who they work for, we put them in government, they work for us not vice versa, this is a world wide plague and not just in USA, we must not allow what it is our governments are planning to be accomplished..........