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How does your chazan sing lecha dodi?

Продолжительность: 00:07:33

If the chazan sings some obscure tune no one knows, why don't they ever switch the tune before Lo-Savoshy. Why cant they listen to the davening democracy.

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Написал: Kyle B, 08.08.2014, 16:19

the siddur is in front of their face so clearly it's a counter measure to the stretch and peak, the l'cha dodi look back
Написал: Mad Monkee, 08.07.2014, 06:19

You are so goddamned cute. It's actually a little obnoxious, how cute you are. 
Написал: Gili Hirsch, 11.03.2008, 23:23

HAHAHAHA. This was hilarious. And so true.
Написал: Frum Satire, 15.05.2008, 00:42

Wow I may have to make a post about that- thanks for the idea- never thought about it like that.
Написал: asr8805, 01.03.2010, 23:49

so wut the fuck u watching it for stupid?
Написал: Marli Wang, 11.03.2008, 06:18

Not really -- I didn't grow up observant and my regular shul has like 2 other girls in it, and I ended up holding my siddur like that anyway. I'm pretty sure I didn't learn it from anybody. There's a simple reason for why men don't do it -- they don't have hips. I can just sort of prop my elbow on my hip and it's like my arm becomes a natural shtender for the siddur.
Написал: akiv44, 20.02.2008, 02:47

your very observant. Women do have little 'unofficial' rituals thata re different from men.Its interesting. Maybe it has something to do with the life long gender seperation. WOmen dont daven on a day to day basis with the men. It would make sense that they collectively do some things different from men
Написал: cleanthing, 26.05.2011, 22:14

As for why women bow at bo'ee v'shalom, I believe it's like many other "minhagim" that are prepetuated among women for no apparent reason (what comes to mind is the 3 "bounces" when finishing Shemoneh Esrai- a whole other story). Probably, some woman was behind and realized that everyone was already bowing for bo'ee chalah, got up and bowed with everyone, and then finished up from where she was up to, bowing when she was supposed to, and thus a "minhag" (shtus) developed.
Написал: monkeycher, 21.02.2008, 15:59

i watched the video on a low volume so my mom wouldn't hear ure voice (which she'd def recognize since she's also a fan ;) ) from the other room and make me get off the computer to clean for shabbos or something. i successfully kept the laughter in until the very end, when u imitated the way girls hold siddurs. duude! i dunno how u noticed that- it's unconscious, but completely accurate! I'm definitely not holding a siddur like that again or I'd prob start laughing in the middle of kedusha.
Написал: websterhall1994, 24.02.2008, 03:19

The siddur positioning is simple (though prob unconscious) - one arm covers the stomach, the siddur covers the chest.
Написал: cleanthing, 26.05.2011, 08:28

You want to know the real reason women hold their siddurs that way? It's because they generally stand with something around their waist or near their hips because they're self conscious about their figures. You'll notice many women/girls keep their arms crossed in regular situations (not just when they're upset), or do something with their arms for the same reason. (And, as others mentioned, it makes for a nice shtender to hold up the other arm.)
Написал: Frum Satire, 26.03.2008, 01:17

I think its so they can block the guys from checking them out. While they can look through the sidur at us.
Написал: MichalBF, 15.08.2008, 14:58

Oh yeah, I saw those responses after I left my comment. It was a natural thing for me, though. I think it's just more comfortable that way?
Написал: samjbhsm, 29.04.2008, 15:49

haha awsome!
Написал: Frum Satire, 14.05.2008, 13:21

Thank you- so do I speak the truth or not- some chazzans have a knack for screwing the tunes up- especially when they try and bust out a Carlebach kabalas shabbos.
Написал: Frum Satire, 24.02.2008, 05:33

Very interesting- so a natural defense mechanism against man's prying eyes trying to sneak peaks over the mechitza.
Написал: MichalBF, 15.08.2008, 14:47

Why DO I hold my siddur like that? I want an answer, too!
Написал: Lauren Ross, 14.08.2010, 19:05

Maybe cantors mix up the L'cha Dodi because all of the traditional melodies are lame and synagogues need to get with the times and start moving away from these minor key dirges!
Написал: alexanderlinden, 25.04.2008, 15:14

A emmese Yid! LOL nice.
Написал: sheikowi, 11.10.2013, 11:20

Hey bubbala. U think maybe hazzonim killed more yiddn than Amaleq or the 3rd Reich? U ever hit a 7-hour Rosh ha-Shanah "davenning"? I dink u should kvetch more about the chazzonish divas and their eminem displays. Nu? But this video is another one of your terrific performances. Yyasher kokakha!
Написал: 100flyingfish, 13.03.2009, 04:54

you are the new Jackie Mason
Написал: anne0d, 22.07.2009, 19:38

Because women look nice with their hand on the waist???? lol, when you did it I realized that I hold my siddur like that too!!! And it looks much better with girls than with boys (you)
Написал: sheikowi, 11.10.2013, 11:16

So boychik, you got a kallah areddy? U wanna meat a speshel maydel? U still a Idd?
Написал: poopdeck2009, 25.02.2008, 16:52

To answer your question about the bowing during Bo'ie Veshalom. Girl schools teach halachos, Yeshivos don't. I don't know why. Women sometimes know halachos better than men. I think it's a halacha or minhag to bow at Bo'ie Veshalom; I don't know, I went to Yeshiva, they didn't teach jack shit.
Написал: 26daweed, 11.01.2012, 21:04

your pretty hilaridump