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Ringo Starr's All-Star Band-Steve Lukather-Hold the Line 6-29-2012

Продолжительность: 00:03:40

St. Augustine Amphitheatre

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Написал: yugiohsala, 30.01.2014, 19:38

steves solo OH MY FUCKING GOD
Написал: yves jacquot, 17.01.2013, 09:10

good music!
Написал: Алексей Кухианидзе, 16.03.2013, 17:40

Написал: Johan Juhlin, 21.07.2012, 11:26

Finally finally steve went away from the bradshaw refridgerator systems. The meat, cream and balls sound from these Bogner Ecstasy amps is just out of this world. He sounds better than ever. He is using the right one on the Blue channel for crunch and during the end of the solo at 02:05 you can see the LED lighting in red which means he has switched it to the red channel for the solo. The other amp is always on green which is used for clean sounds. Best amps ever...
Написал: Bluesdeville95, 11.03.2013, 01:05

Will Ferrell on keys?
Написал: Юрий Лазарев, 01.08.2012, 03:03

Steve Lukather!!! Fantastic musician...
Написал: mikeybbdrummin, 01.04.2013, 01:22

Yes.............Gregg has been doing these tours w/Ringo for 10+........AND he did this tune w/Steve and Toto back in 1995 when he subbed for Simon.
Написал: jvc107, 23.05.2013, 00:27

good thing there are two drummers..... go to the :39 mark and check out Ringo living up to his reputation as a stiff with sticks..........peace and love, peace and love
Написал: Alessio Sfasci, 16.07.2012, 22:07

1:35 = machine gun!!! O.O
Написал: Dima Denisov, 11.04.2013, 20:20

Steve Lukather SUPER GUITARIST !!!
Написал: Mattia Amoruso, 22.11.2012, 10:30

1:30 because only Ringo wasn't enough!
Написал: Marcelo Gimenes, 23.01.2013, 16:58

good ,
Написал: Ryan Lavin, 17.01.2013, 15:04

Is that Gregg Bissonette? Shit man, they didn't even need Ringo...Gregg would would kill this tune!
Написал: Ripp Russell, 22.06.2013, 20:20

Respect your LEGENDS.They paved ways for those who came after to do things that you have no idea of.I bet every one up there with him was in awe and ecstacy.Where were you again?????
Написал: Gerray West, 29.01.2013, 13:38

Mr Richard Page on the bass...