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Spoilers with Kevin Smith: Interview with Stan Lee

Продолжительность: 00:07:26

The Mark Twain of comic books, Stan Lee, regales The Spoilers with stories about his days at Marvel and shares his theory of why the Avengers made so much money. To view full episodes, visit spoilers Watch full episodes of Spoilers with Kevin Smith in Canada on SPACE. Available exclusively on

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Написал: bastlake, 03.05.2014, 05:25

I want to give Stan Lee permission to grow old already, but that would mean he would eventually die, which is unacceptable.
Написал: kick3n3mini, 06.11.2014, 13:26

I'm pretty sure Stan Lee is One-Above-All from the marvel universe, and he's taken the form of a human to present to us stories of another dimension/universe.
Написал: Scott N, 17.06.2014, 13:21

He IS adorable, so... Yeah. I didn't see this when it originally aired, he's freaking sharp as a tack.
Написал: Marcus JM, 14.08.2014, 07:00

4:15 Stan Lee and Bob Kane. Best celebrity friendship ever.
Написал: AfroCharlieable, 19.08.2014, 13:14

OOOOOOO Cringe at Stan Lee saying he created Doctor Strange
Написал: TheMusicalPegasister, 24.03.2014, 23:04

Написал: EzekielRageTV, 02.12.2013, 11:06

I would give everything to ONCE meet Stan The Man but I live in EUrope and I can't afford a trip to any convention. Go figure :(
Написал: MrTypow, 06.07.2014, 19:04

a throne fit for a king
Написал: Jacob Burnard, 30.05.2014, 13:59

Ah Stan lee and Kevin smith two of my favourite people or at least two of my favourite people that I haven't met but really really really really really want to.
Написал: Danny Priestley, 19.12.2013, 22:17

Very sweet.
Написал: Jamie Falkins, 05.12.2013, 14:30

sylent echo, He quite specifically mentions them both.
Написал: 13edwolf, 01.03.2014, 00:20

I met Stan at the Portland Wizard Con. He told me a story of Bob Kane that was funny
Написал: SylentEcho, 17.09.2013, 11:26

That fucker Kevin Smith knows Stan co-created all of them, yet he says created just to suck up to him. Okay, who wouldn't give in to the basic instinct of a 90 year old man who likes to take credit for stuff he half did, but it's still not fair. Neither of them mentioned Jack Kirby or Steve Ditko.
Написал: dedalus22, 19.07.2012, 15:36

chair is too modest for this god creator....:)
Написал: MrLindizen, 05.08.2012, 21:50

damn i love stan so mutch i cant stop smiling when i see him
Написал: alex duenas, 19.07.2012, 13:48

it is Awesome!!
Написал: horrorjunkie92, 25.04.2013, 15:17

Yeah, Stan's in great shape so I hope he has another 10 years left in him. We need to put him in a cryogenic freezer after that.
Написал: KartKing4ever, 18.07.2012, 20:41

Написал: yardende1, 24.07.2012, 21:57

hulu are fucking assholes. i wanna watch this show, but i cant cause im not from the states. is that fair?
Написал: Halo3jonny, 18.07.2012, 22:41

Написал: THEJAKE5766, 09.08.2013, 07:07

Does Stan have any kids or grandkids or great grandkids etc.? He doesn't look 90 though or act
Написал: 3LBIG0T3S, 18.07.2012, 20:53

como mierda me suscribi a este canal
Написал: zerbeiler, 19.07.2012, 02:37

not even likes. VIEWS...
Написал: russellmania77, 23.04.2013, 09:15

@rp evans and jack kirby is the king of comics
Написал: Tyler Walker, 18.07.2012, 20:47

no hes just GOD of everything...