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Anton LaVey's screams of Hell as he die's Begging Jesus for Mercy

Продолжительность: 00:01:02

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Написал: Bam Chug, 28.08.2014, 15:20

You would think that if their religion was so good, the Christians wouldn't have to resort to scare tactics to get members....
Написал: dmyst9, 29.10.2014, 07:17

How the Hell does this bitch know what Anton was saying on his death bed? Come on now
Написал: luomio, 03.09.2014, 02:00

Jesus said, "go big or go home." That means get saved or get fucked in the ass by Satan for eternity.
Написал: Ralph Boggs, 19.08.2014, 08:59

I cant stand cowards that post on here but dont allow replys!
Написал: Bam Chug, 09.11.2014, 16:15

You know what Satans problem is? Bad PR. God flooded the earth and committed mass genocide because HE fucked up. He put an apple in Eden KNOWING Adam would eat it and totally screw shit up. He burned a city to the ground TO THE GROUND!! and was never called on to answer for it. Hell, he sent two bears to tear apart 22 kids because they called some old dude bald. He murdered, or caused to have murdered his only son and stood by and said nothing. Then he points at Satan and says, "There. Right there. That's your bad guy."
Написал: james c, 02.07.2014, 08:49

In the Old Testament, God informs us that He is jealous. In our everyday speech, we often confuse jealousy with envy. Jealousy means the fear of lose, while envy means the desire to have what another possesses. God has no cause to be envious. But we are told that God is jealous. Therefore, we can conclude that God is fearful of losing us. But lose us to what or to whom? Only 1 answer comes to mind. 
Написал: Poe397, 08.08.2014, 20:18

/what a total load of unadulterated CRAP...../they will stoop to any level to lie for there imagined god.
Написал: john okapal, 12.11.2014, 01:19

Mr. Levay, said in his interview with Joe Pyne, that satan was a god also. Yet, he was and is not a God! He is only a musically-gifted and intelligent angel. He was once an employee of God, a gifted musician and worship leader, which God entrusted him with a large sphere of influence over roughly 1/3 of the Angelic hosts( angels). Yet, once he fell from grace, God, stripped him of his position, kicked him out of heaven and disregarde satan from (spiritual sonship). Satan has (NO) ability to (create) anything, except sickness of diseases, he also cannot heal or save anything, including himself. He has zero fresh wisdom or current (revelation) from heaven. He only operates on the music and tricks he learned so long ago! Those (tricks) help him to tempt people, with the same age old temptations, just he now repackages them to look like he knows something.
Написал: Micah Dawn, 08.03.2014, 06:01

This is very true guys! My mother, a lover of Christ, is a hospice nurse for dying patients. She says she can see an astonishing difference in the WAY true Christian people die and haters of God/atheists die. Christians die a peaceful death, looking upwards, always smiling. She said The others lie in bed struggling, tormented, afraid to die and sometimes even screaming until their death. Eternity is forever folks!!! This life is ONLY to be and make disciples of Christ, who so lovingly offers us THE WAY, the TRUTH, The LIGHT, the LIFE!!!!! HELL is simply a place without God and his attributes...
Написал: VanillaHatVII, 21.11.2014, 05:01

Anton said on an interview on the Joe Pyne show that he had heard the voice of Satan the way people hear the voice of God, and instead of defying it, he accepted him and founded the church of Satan. I strongly doubt that what this woman says is true at all. A video of somebody saying that in his final moment, suddenly he accepts Jesus Christ as his lord and savior and suddenly he wants to go to heaven and suddenly he doesn't want to go to hell, or meet Satan, to see Lucifer, to see the Antichrist or the Fallen Angels, and that he has an instant change of heart and wants to meet the christian god and all of the people who abide the ten commandments, and that somehow everything he's been credited for in his life, the church of Satan, the religion LaVeyan Satanism, that somehow he thinks all of that was wrong. That's complete bull, if anything, this video is just propaganda.
Написал: Konrad L., 18.11.2014, 12:33

I see too many still blinded Satanists on this video. Listen, brainwashed masses. No Christian ever fears a satanist or LaVey. He kneeled to a loser, called satan and he realized it in the end, before it was too late. You, that bow down to a loser too, now it is still time to repend for your foolishness. Jesus Christ is the only way. Aknowledge that, or you are all lost.
Написал: Jesher Perigord, 19.11.2014, 21:33

This is so fucking stupid. Oh wow, some bullshit hearsay to confirm your unsubstantiated beliefs? People are going to believe what they want to believe to fit their narrative, no matter how blatantly ignorant it is. This woman doesn't know jack shit about LaVey or Satanism. How about you go read the principles that LaVey laid out? He was a *good man*. He was humble and patient; even with straight retarded people who would viciously call him evil and treat him with contempt, despite knowing *nothing* of his values. You judge LaVey by the cover of his book and not its contents. Maybe if you read up on his writings you would realize that he encouraged people to be the best they can be, *without needing God to blackmail them with fear and eternal damnation.* I am not a Satanist; but from my relationship with God, I can tell you that he would be proud of LaVey. Those who follow the phony "laws of God" while still committing evil are *not true followers of God*. You are blind sheep; cattle. God gave us free will so that we could make our own choices; and so many of you have chosen to listen to a *book that someone else wrote*, instead of *listening to God as he speaks to you from within your own heart and mind.* You feel me? God speaks to us every day. He does not need a "Holy Text" to speak to us; and these "Holy Texts" are truly manipulative blasphemy meant to lead you astray from independence and happiness. Lawful Evil is *still evil*. Chaotic Good is *still good*. Following laws that you know are evil is still an act of evil, regardless of whether or not someone told you that God wrote those laws. Religious peoples of the world, *hear me now.* If *you believe* that the Bible, the Torah, or the Qur'an are Holy and Good, then it is because *you decided they are Holy and Good.* You didn't need the Bible to tell you that the Bible is right; *you chose to believe that yourself. You decided for yourself what is good and holy.* So can't you also decide what is *good and holy* without the Bible? You *already decided, before you read the Bible.* You *gave* the Bible authority. But where did that authority originally come from? *It came from you.* God is all-powerful, and he would not grant us abilities and choices that he did not want us to have. You understand? Please tell me you understand. *It all comes back to you.* You decide what is right, whether it is in the Bible or not. You did so decide what is right before deciding the Bible was right, so *why give away your God-given free will*? To appease God? You squander God's greatest blessing upon you to *appease* him? That is *wasting* God's gift, not appreciating it.
Написал: Fredrick Zinos, 15.06.2014, 22:44

This woman is a liar.
Написал: sunmustbedestroyed, 18.11.2014, 01:56

"Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour." It is SOooOOo frustrating that fundamentalist Christians lie ALL THE TIME -- "lying for Jesus" I believe they call it. Christians, you need to speak out against people like this horrid woman! People like her are killing your religion faster than just about any anti-theist could dream of 
Написал: Amanda P., 02.07.2014, 23:36

If these stupid fucks celebrate death so much then why don't they all go shoot themselves and give us all relief from sick stupid retardedness. Beavis and butthead were not even that fucking stupid. Fuck religion and the horses it rode in on.
Написал: ducksdontdrown, 06.11.2014, 05:46

The devil is a liar and a lot of people believe him until they die ! But then it's too late !
Написал: Maria Billingsley, 01.11.2014, 04:21

Anton did not see hell for the day of judgment is not upon those who are still alive. If anyone is going to hell is the false prophetess delivering a false message. I pray that she would truly know Christ...but for now she is just using Him to seduce and prophesy falsely to the body of Christ. God bless.
Написал: BloodOfYeshuaMessiah, 05.04.2014, 03:23

Satan is the father of lies.
Написал: Liam O Connor, 25.10.2014, 01:13

God and Satan are as evil as eachother if they do exist. 
Написал: FUB FUB, 22.08.2014, 07:04

Satanism does not celebrate death, nor is it an accomplishment to them. Satanists are not devil worshippers, seeing as they don't believe in either god or satan, they recognize that people control their own lives. Christianity, on the other hand, is about controlling a population. And yes, I was raised in a religious family, so I actually do know. Before you start talking about what Satanists believe, I only ask you to do your research first. Read their bible before you try to talk about what's in it. I can assure you that your assumptions are going to be majestically wrong.
Написал: Rika Scheepers, 15.09.2014, 15:33

It is so sad that you have to scare people into your believe system. This bit I do not get, This god send you to planet earth for lets say 80 years, not matter what you circumstances, then based on this very short live, he (suppose to be a kind and loving god) send you to hell or heaven FOREVER, sorry but this sound like one sick twisted bastard to me....
Написал: unkameat74, 21.06.2014, 18:12

That the devil does...uses you and then you burn in he'll....why? Cause you missed out on Jesus Christ ....the Lord says"do not be afraid of the one who can destroy the body(satan/man)but be afraid of the one who can destroy both body and soul(JESUS CHRIST).yeah that's right,the ALMIGHTY GOD...He created hell for devil....but misery loves company....satan is gonna take YOUwith him to burn forever......choose CHRIST...
Написал: Terry Everson, 12.10.2014, 16:01

It never happened. You expect people to believe it just because you say it. 
Написал: Malcolm Springer II, 05.09.2014, 00:28

Important facts for Christians to know: 1. Jesus was Arab. Not a while European. If you cannot accept that, you cannot justify your beliefs with ANY merit. You are lying to yourself, and denying this should prove to some of you bigots that your beliefs rely souly on "faith" and "simplicity", rather than merit of any sort. 2. This video contains no actual evidence that this dude (who whispered to the wind just as you do) actually said any of these things. If you are naive enough to believe it, you are a sheep and a fool. 3. Islam, Christianity, Satanism, and most other organized religions on this earth, exist either to a) take your money, b) make you blind to the complexities of reality, thusly making you a follower of religious leaders or c) all of these things. Make your own "religion". Worship people, your fellow man, society. Worship good nature and giving and this infinitely complex thing we are all stuck in we have named "life". Stop trying to simplify existence and admit that we will NEVER now how we got here or what our purpose. Be good to people, strive to succeed so that you can help those who have failed to succeed. Or continue to justify hate through your various "gods". Life is what you make of it. Don't let someone else tell you how it works. 
Написал: Aesop Dotts, 29.03.2014, 00:27

I thought the bible preached against idolatry? So, then, does the bible preach against itself? I think the church is a cult, and houses the devil as much as it houses god. Don't sell your soul to anyone, even if they say you're saving your soul by selling it to them. Be your own person. Do good in life, but don't get sucked into one of these cults calling themselves a "religion". the word religion is the same thing in an inverse relationship as the evolution of soldier to "terrorist", except it went from cult to "religion".