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Продолжительность: 00:03:52

Designed by Renzo Pascotto -bult by A.G.A. Campolin.... THANK YOU, ANGELO! 13" Bat Swinguard -French Bovine Horn, Dagger Blade, Solid Nickle Silver bolsters and guards. Stainless blade and button. Tang reads, "A.G.A. CAMPOLIN MANIAGO-ITALY 2010" Maniago is home to some of the greatest switchblade producers that the world has ever known! I'm blessed to have been able to visit that beautiful little town, and to own a few of their products. ... this knife was a long time a comin'! Dan, I doubt I could've got though it without you! -you're a good man. I look forward to the day we finally meet in person. --John, you also! It's good to know good people. All the best to the lot of ya!

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Написал: ümit yayla, 08.07.2014, 23:55

İtalyan stiletto ...
Написал: Neal Linville, 16.03.2014, 00:40

FREE the ARMY , I finally got a Batwing Slant Bolster and Buttons A.G.A Campolin with Honey Horn handles a 5 1/2 Dagger Blade & 7 1/2 inch Handles . A video is good ,but as you KNOW nothing compares to firing off THOSE BIG BOYS. A Fellow Batwing Ownwer D. Neal Linville
Написал: Christian Blade, 25.05.2014, 11:59

This is one badass firing swinguard. I got one on order right now, well worth the premium price.
Написал: Neal Linville, 25.01.2014, 21:59

That's beautiful , a channel I subscribed to has one that is slant bolstered Diagonal buttons with Abalone scales made by A.G. CAMPOLIN but it 's the only one he made with those scale , FREEthe ARMY if you haven't seen it goggle it on here you will think that knife is bad too . I want to get at least onr Batwing from A.G. CAMPOLIN because because every one he has made is Beautiful and Absolutely Perfect . Congrats and Enjoy. Neal Linville
Написал: rangeowns258, 28.11.2011, 19:36

That looks sweet. And it sounds like it rocks the shit out of ur arm when u fire it
Написал: dave williams, 29.12.2012, 20:39

looks exactly like a 13 inch swingguard' only difference is a different button and the floating guards.
Написал: snarlingrabiddog5150, 01.06.2011, 19:29

Sorry its taken me so long to get here Crittenden, WOW, that is must MAGNIFICIENT! That is the prettiest light horn I've seen yet on a Batwing! I love the contrast from front to back. I wish I could have one in Ivory or Mother of Pearl. I REALLY love the look of light scales on the firing side. I'm SO GLAD it FINALLY arrived and yeppers, its well worth the wait, sweat and wondering, the minute that blade lets loose. The sound alone makes everything worth it :D Congrats! :)
Написал: davkaya, 14.10.2012, 11:10

I think you cum inside your pants everytime the knife "click" opens.
Написал: Mikkel Sand, 01.06.2012, 19:34

Hi` Great video! Beautiful piece..I have just ordered a stag horn :-) Thanks for the inspiration ..All best
Написал: John Mckinley, 08.03.2013, 03:09

Phenomenal vid on several levels. For starters, an awesome knife. NICE sound on firing, beautiful construction. I have an affinity for horn as well. Great presentation and cadence, weaving in your community. Any lover of switchblades can immediately relate. Truly a work of art, both the blade and the vid.
Написал: MrBelmont800, 07.06.2012, 17:31

It IS good to know good people -- great knife!
Написал: bigkingcurd, 24.12.2012, 17:36

Hey bro, sorry to write against soon, but I've found a13'' Campolin Batswing from an online vendor. Am I gonna get the same quality that Im seeing here in this video? I mean do you have to have Angelo make it for you personally to get this kind of beauty or do these vendors have the real deal like this? Idont know how to message anyone on here but I would soooo appreciate your advice on this man. Thanks a lot! Beautiful knife. My God it's beautiful.
Написал: MsInox, 28.09.2011, 01:36

B E A U T I F U L L !!!! Snap's open with authority. Look's like I gotta have one. Regards. S&W.
Написал: svvitchblade, 19.10.2012, 18:44

lol your dog in the background hehe
Написал: DopeSmokerEvil, 15.04.2012, 03:51

I recently discovered these things. they are even sexier than the frank b. swinguards im used to. I know where my next paycheck is going. Id like to see a damascus blade with that beautiful white horn.
Написал: svvitchblade, 19.10.2012, 18:47

cherish that beast its a very wonderful and beautiful knife you're very lucky to own that very lucky. By the way, campolin switchblades are my favorite and the Beltrames. My first switch i bought was an AB stiletto Italy 11 inch dark horn with nickel silver bolsters and solid lock up try finding an AB like that one I have tried for years surfing the net and could not find another one it must be rare.
Написал: 1lovesoni, 25.05.2011, 19:17

Написал: jimbrown257, 10.10.2012, 06:53

Man, that's an awesome blade. There is one with dark horn and a bayo up for auction right now. I think the guards should be called "Batman" guards instead of "Batwing" guards because they kind of look like the Bat Symbol. Also, they should have a different name, not just to avoid confusion with the BW Rizzies, but because guards that awesome should have their own specific word. Also, does anyone know if there is a name for that sheild/crest type of button? But man, that thing is great.
Написал: Firstjoe Lastwegf, 20.05.2012, 19:05

I forgot to add that since you are a Canadian, no way that you aren't going to sound like an idiot. Ha Ha Ha. OK Aye Yep, another frozen brain that can do nothing but make rude and stupid comments on peoples videos. I read all your replies on other videos and you certainly showed what an idiot you are. Go have a Moosehead, moosehead. Or try getting a date with a real girl sometime instead of your mother.
Написал: GlissininMayer, 11.10.2011, 22:40

i like white horn ; )
Написал: 7darkstorm, 27.05.2011, 03:20

That is a nice one I like the french bovine horn. These bat swinguards are beasts!
Написал: abstech1, 25.05.2011, 19:50

Beautiful I will be posting a video on my batswings soon.
Написал: John6553, 19.10.2012, 15:34

Hello Free, I don't know how I missed this video from May 2011, but I'm glad I found it. These knives are just perfect. Angelo made a work of art it is so much more than a knife. I was just looking at mine last night. So today logged onto YT to see who else had one and just to see SRD's set and your video popped up. I know I'm late in say congrats and I know I replied on the forums, but I must say it again Congratulations you're now an official member of the 2010 Batwing Club. Your friend, John
Написал: troman5000, 01.09.2013, 14:34

Beautiful...great switchblade!!! Speechless???
Написал: Firstjoe Lastwegf, 20.05.2012, 19:00

They are correct, pot smoking does make people rude and stupid. How would you know what an idiot sounds like...oh yeah, from hearing yourself talk for all the years you have been alive.