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Let me give you a little information on who Bobby Hemmitt is and why he says all the these deep, wise, intelligent and "crazy" things. Bobby Hemmitt is a scholar of esoteric knowledge. He has been captivating audiences for the past ten years with a dynamic brand of exploratory scholarship and an energetic public delivery that involves a tremendous amount of research that he always and I repeat always gives to you within the presentation. If you think he's talking out of the side of his neck you can call him out but you better check his sources first. His research is impeccable. His philosophy is based in knowing that all the things labelled pagan, occult, and mysterious are the knowledge and wisdom of the cultures of the world that were living in harmony with all life prior to the rise of our current European centered civilization. The rational, christian, scientific belief systems are a paradigm that limits our ability to access the unity of oneness with all existence. Bobby delves into what we call metaphysics, rituals, science, occult, voodoo, astronomy, gnostic wisdom, mysticism, kemetic wisdom, ufo's, magic of all forms, greek mythology, and some so-called "downright satanic shit." Blending them all into one and giving an insightful analysis of current events that is just awesome to witness. The words I'm telling you are not a matter of idle speculation, a fans mind-blown ramblings, or someone trying to hustle you for a buck. He will open your eyes at the same time as you wonder, "Did he say what I heard him say? How did he see all that when I looked at the same thing and didn't see nothing?" The only regret I have with this transcript is that you cannot hear Bobby's South Carolina Accent that he uses so well to make you laugh throughout the presentation. It's always amazing to hear him sounding like a country preacher, telling you higher concepts that would intimidate a physicist in the field of quantum mechanics, while kickin the most up-to-date knowledge possible in a language that's plain and down to earth. Peace and Greetings, As many of you may be aware, our Beloved Elder and Master Teacher Brother Bobby Hemmitt has recently suffered a stroke. We thank everyone for sending their prayers and positive healing energies as he goes through his recovery process. As we all know, medical expenses can be very burdensome on families. Brother Hemmitt has spent the greater part of his life giving freely to others and asking little in return. The information, time, studies, and love he has brought to so many is truly invaluable. We are asking everyone at this time to make a donation that they are comfortable with to assist with medical and living expenses for Brother Hemmitt and his family. Any amount that is given is welcomed because every little bit helps and is received with love and gratitude. We thank you in advance for your love, support and contributions. "It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving." -Mother Teresa - See more at:

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Написал: GarrettMusicAcademy1, 06.09.2014, 21:52

"Mel" isn't the word, the roots are "Melek" and "zedeck" in the original Hebrew and he is an archetype for Christ . Melek has its roots in princely ,Kingley, etc. zedek means peace . Name melchizideck is an archetype for the prince of peace. That being said I don't think you would have to argue long to prove that these men were most likely much closer to African then White European like they are shown, even Jesus for that matter. 
Написал: Mermaid Wise, 24.08.2014, 17:28

Realest lecture.
Написал: rock hound, 13.04.2014, 17:36

Bobby Hemmit is shot out,but he speaks the truth!
Написал: 13 Nega Serpent Asar, 09.06.2014, 12:40

Bobby is the truth 
Написал: shortyp10, 09.02.2014, 01:11

ampu or ahmpu? for intuition. anyone know?
Написал: j jones, 28.02.2014, 01:13

Написал: Maximo Moreno, 22.12.2013, 17:40

This dude is a most serious liar. 1.Melchisedek was born before the flood see "The Book of Enoch". 2. All of these false teachings come from Babylon. 3. When these so called great ones return, they will say that they are the ones that created human beings. They will say that they are here to help us make it to higher state of consciousness. Don't believe them. Get into the Original Scriptures including the Bible and don't just blow off the Bible because it only has 66 books. It is on you to find the truth if you want it. NOT THIS MAGIC The Apocrypha and the Pseudepigrapha = books that were omitted from the Bible.
Написал: nip74, 26.11.2013, 00:02

Написал: bumperboy2sports, 27.03.2014, 03:26

It's Official..Science Has Proven That The "White Man" Is A Created Hybrid Species... Watch Now... RH NEGATIVE...OUT OF AFRICA THEORY...INDISPUTABLE PROOF THE WHITE MAN IS A CREATED HYBRID SPECIES
Написал: REYZ OF ABUNDANCE, 03.01.2012, 19:54

@skatering42 Thats all there was.
Написал: Oracal88, 04.03.2012, 22:11

LOVE Brother Bobby Hemmitt for his honesty
Написал: Vintage27, 27.11.2011, 09:40

where'd you get the lecture from fam...I'm tryin to see the conclusion
Написал: NobleTCeo, 07.12.2011, 19:29

@jredding933 nice upload... thanks GOD!
Написал: REYZ OF ABUNDANCE, 03.01.2012, 19:54

@Sexysmurf77 I did chop the video in pieces but it is the whole video as i received it.
Написал: 009sage, 02.01.2012, 22:33

mlk died when he was stabbed at that book signing 8inch knife. his clone however made it.
Написал: Vintage27, 15.01.2012, 19:40

@RBGTUBE4TheReal Appreciate that family, I'll do that. Much respect for the info, Peace & Blessings to you and yours
Написал: plsod701, 09.11.2012, 00:53

deep bobby for real.
Написал: 86Deant, 24.11.2011, 00:08

where did you get this video at?
Написал: OnePlusOneEquals3, 01.11.2012, 09:51

8:12 it gets clear again
Написал: chikezie313, 11.01.2012, 23:52

very, very good lecture.....thanx 4 the post
Написал: skatering42, 18.12.2011, 03:44

@jredding933 hey will you upload the rest of the video?
Написал: Nile Alexander Earls, 10.01.2012, 23:49

watched every single one
Написал: Sexysmurf77, 02.01.2012, 23:30

U can get more info about Ialtabaoth (the jealious god) in The Gnostic Scriptures or another video by Bro Bobby "what if god is the devil" 6 hours long but very informing. Soul Up!
Написал: Rose Ivey, 14.11.2012, 05:59

What happen to the volume when he got the sexual energy? Please dont say it was disrespectful becuz the concious ppl understand this is spiritual. It is too much porn on the enternet to feel this is inappropriate. I guess I have to buy the video. I just thought that was just important for blacks to know.
Написал: Neo Askuwheteau, 27.06.2012, 16:53

Sux that the sex part at the beginning wasn't working right. I really wanted to see that part. Other than that it was good! Informative video.