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Apple iPhone 4 White AT&T Unboxing Video

Продолжительность: 00:01:25

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Написал: ItsRobbyHoe, 18.08.2011, 05:40

Im thinking of getting one but iv seen on forums that the colors like the white in the settings looks warmer (more yellowish) on the white iPhone. And that the phone itself gets yellow after time anyone having that issue? Please id like to know
Написал: jennifer0lazy0azz, 04.11.2011, 01:00

?HOLY SHIT are you sure you have anough iphones?
Написал: Aswin Adirono, 05.05.2011, 12:20

Написал: Johnnyaka45, 13.08.2011, 20:56

Wow 4 iPHone 4s !!! i like ur style :)
Написал: Arsa Zemun, 06.05.2011, 00:08

what are u doing with 4 white iphones?
Написал: SMB1386R, 08.07.2011, 08:36

How come u have so many white iPhone 4?
Написал: mmnnnmmm, 28.04.2011, 16:17

do u think , they fix the antenna problem in the old iphone?
Написал: awesome12bm, 08.05.2011, 18:11

what is that sim card that u said about tmobile with the iphone 4 i think u said the jubee sim ? i dont know what that is
Написал: Carlo Loielo, 16.05.2011, 07:46

do you know if i can get my hands on these ipphone 4 white parts because i have been wanting to convert my black one but now that real white iphone 4 is released i am curious if i can convert using genuine white parts thanks. i subbed
Написал: dkumore, 18.01.2012, 16:08

send me one :)
Написал: Marius Gherghe, 28.04.2011, 17:20

@someonenice666 what problem? I hav the black iphone 4 from september and not one problem withthe antenna. stop reading blogs or start filtering the information if you do read them.
Написал: birdman3878, 23.05.2011, 01:03

How about giving 1 of those white iPhone away in a giveaway thanks :)
Написал: thegirltechie, 28.04.2011, 18:05

There aren't any reception issues with the iPhone anymore, at least to my knowledge. Nobody knows for sure why the release took so long for the white iPhone 4, but Apple supposedly had manufacturing problems for this specific color. You shouldn't experience any problems though.
Написал: Avaiz Rana, 13.07.2011, 03:11

Please awser my question as you all know AT&T and T-Mobile are murging and do i have to get a new number
Написал: range373, 28.05.2011, 19:37

I have both the white iPhone 4 models, Verizon and AT&T. The antenna on the Verizon iPhone is fixed there is always signal even with both of my hands covering it, The AT&T model does still suffer from the "antenna gate" problem so it's obviously the phone not AT&T...