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Glenn Danzig talks about Jesus Christ and Hitler with Eric Blair 09

Продолжительность: 00:08:28

This interview was done last night @ MUSINK | Tattoo Convention and Music Festival Eric Blair talks to Glen Danzig

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Написал: WolfgangVonPoserkila, 06.12.2013, 21:35

He's charmless as fuck and his non misfits music is mind numbingly boring.
Написал: Timi T., 08.12.2013, 11:41

Glenn's a very talented dude and a great writer/performer, but man, he's also one of the biggest douchebags in rock.
Написал: leelustig, 18.04.2014, 23:10

How is he a douche bag? I just don't understand the hate.
Написал: Ace Frehley, 18.06.2014, 23:38

So everything this douche bag did was cool but everything other people did wasn't? lol this guy and his band was and is a bad joke
Написал: Raleigh Rob, 18.01.2014, 19:29

Assholes are like opinions, small and full of gas...Glen is both.
Написал: Ivor Fairclue, 10.02.2014, 00:43

He disliked 'all the corporate crap bands that were shoved down people's throats', but he likes....Elvis! Haha, what a joke. Danzig SUCKS.
Написал: Michael James, 30.03.2014, 00:49

when he said he hates everyone. yeah, i bet he hates the guy that dropped him with a bitch slap after he started the fight. fucking dork
Написал: Arijan Mihajlović, 22.02.2014, 08:57

70s crappy music??? danzig is good musician but sometimes he is just being stupid
Написал: ericj305, 26.07.2014, 16:27

Lighten up, Francis
Написал: DJ Flip, 17.07.2014, 06:27

I have to admit...Danizg's a lot nicer and more personable now in interviews than he was back in the 80's and 90's. Despite what people say or think about him, I've got a ton of respect for him and I still listen to his music. 
Написал: Eisoptrofobia, 16.07.2014, 00:29

Christ rocks better than you ^^
Написал: Yohanan Westwood, 11.07.2014, 02:49

You know one cool thing Danzig did? Remember when he got knocked out? That was cool. :)
Написал: DicKloadaLOVE, 25.03.2014, 02:56

danzig is so critical of himself always second guessing his every move, or so it appears to me.
Написал: Boldest Brutus, 08.02.2014, 16:50

Написал: auforu, 10.01.2014, 14:11

Ok baldy nice comb over
Написал: Sierra B, 23.12.2013, 13:53

He's actually standing on a chair for this interview.
Написал: b42w4242, 17.03.2014, 00:47

I really do not understand everyone's problem with Danzig. Does everyone expect legends to have the need to be friendly and be nice to the interviewers. We need more stars that are angry, abrasive, and have their own thoughts and opinions. The music that he has left on this planet is astounding, so I hope people could see that and let the man do and say what he's gotta say. I could give a fuck less if he is hateful, because it does not hinder his brilliance. I can't or wouldn't want to imagine the world without his music.
Написал: antnie barbosa, 28.11.2013, 17:15

Jesus Christ is real- more real than this egomaniac. 
Написал: totallycoolboy, 05.01.2014, 19:51

Dude why is he such a hater and asshole? He's a beast at singing, but damn. I wish he wasn't so satanic. Fucking crazy. I hope he does repent. You can still be a great musician and love Jesus. I pray for him. I respect everyone's opinions. But he is an enthusiastic hater. he seems to go out of his way to hate and offend others. That's something that's not respectable.
Написал: AQWDemondelf, 28.03.2014, 16:47

Danzig. This mother fucker is an asshole who thinks he is hot shit and deserves everything, where as most of the new generation don't know him and don't give two shits about him. Some of his music is OKAY, and one or two songs are really good, but that is no excuse to act like some fucking emo chick on her goddamn period.
Написал: TheGoogler77, 16.11.2013, 03:08

Is Danzig a Goth?
Написал: Far Right Farang Thai, 08.02.2014, 09:13

And the NY Guido's name is not Danzig. He is one of those idiots that think anything with a German name is spookier. How about using its proper name. Glenn Gdansk?
Написал: Bastian Ullr, 21.11.2013, 22:13

Mother Fucking christians, go listen fucking gospel shit and knock yourselves out. What the fuck are you coming here for!!!!
Написал: Guy Kristian, 18.01.2014, 05:01

Danzig Sucks Balls.
Написал: Pnic1193, 04.01.2014, 04:24

You heard it here folks, Journey and The Who, two of the most loved, influential, and successful bands ever made "crappy music"