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Response to POF (Plenty of Fish) Dating Site Review

Продолжительность: 00:09:45

This video is an update on my relationship with the man I met through the plenty of fish dating site. I also address some comments that I have recieved on the review and share some additional thoughts about the site.

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Написал: SongSwan, 14.09.2014, 14:42

Bottom line on internet dating is to be ready to be rejected for any reason and realize that it is the other persons right just like it is when you reject something or someone because it/they are not what you want...same applies to the weight issue,no one is owed a relationship because of being overweight,underweight or anything in between......being able to decide who you want in your life is one of the few freedoms we still have so use it yourself and respect it in others.
Написал: Jamey Stiles, 17.04.2014, 13:29

Instead of taking the time to do a video talking about being overweight, which I admit way too many people on POF are, but why not do something about it and lose weight? There are way too many fat people now days anyway and it just isn't healthy. Tell people to lose weight and everyone will be happier and healthier!
Написал: ypu oh, 17.03.2014, 07:45

Put him out of business...some friendly competition is fair...girls go where the dudes are...are you a guy that can build a website? Get a hold of me I have the plans need someone to build it! 
Написал: Dan Karsznia, 24.02.2014, 08:00

It is terrible how our society is.
Написал: Jamie Lyons, 12.08.2012, 16:48

Hey will you help me i'm not getting any messages on it. Please Reply
Написал: AstralTraveller, 12.05.2013, 01:29

YOU got lucky.Truth be told, the rest will find nothing but the same old shit ALL over again.Its ALL the same.Different site;different name. SAME SHIT
Написал: Christopher Davidson, 20.03.2013, 15:04

Great video, I just wanted to add that another complain my female friends tell me is the lack of grammar usage on these sites. Seriously people, don't type like you're texting or like haven't even finished preschool yet, use spell check, and be creative. Typing "lyk dis" is a big turn-off for many women.
Написал: Iyan Kurniawan, 18.03.2013, 21:29

Guys, find the best dating site doesn't have to be difficult (I used to think it did). I'll give you some advice right now. Look for a popular dating site known as DateFindersk (google it). Seriously, I have met my fiance on DateFindersk. I probably shouldn't even be talking about it cause I don't want a bunch of other guys out there running the same "game" but whatever, I'm in a great mood today so I will share the wealth haha.
Написал: Anco Andrede, 16.08.2013, 18:14

i swear to motherfucking god you are beautiful baby i swear to fucking jesus christ
Написал: Jason Sneed, 23.04.2013, 20:41

I just have to say lol;but, its not true.
Написал: AutomotiveVlog, 04.10.2013, 00:34

Great video. I think guys on youtube crying about dating websites are playing victim.
Написал: SoulSurferGS8, 28.08.2013, 03:55

I'm proud to say that I've given up on two bad things in my life: Tobacco and Online Dating
Написал: Isabelle Ow, 06.08.2012, 10:34

can you do a boyfriend tag? :)
Написал: TENNSUMITSUMA, 17.01.2013, 17:41

the thing is people say anything. i put a pic of my magnums up and got a 49 views/messages and hour. when it was my face pic, it was 3 views a day. women say they dont care about muscles and all that, but when one fat guy made a fake profile with a guy muscled up and was only down to fuck, he got girls messaging him (through the fake account) almost as much as girls get messaged. simply put, guys don't read the profile cause they know girls say anything.
Написал: josh19852008, 12.03.2013, 08:17

Now I am not trying to get in a pointless argument with you but you are judging broiler without knowing him so how does that make you better. I will agree that men do make a little more than women but it is not that much to really complain about especially in this economy. That is one thing many women on dating websites do not understand especially when going on dates. Women are given all the advantages in divorce laws, and many other laws even when they are wrong.
Написал: ottawaa mann, 13.08.2013, 13:27

So I take it ur married now
Написал: JWiLLfoReaL, 08.07.2013, 02:27

Thats crazy how you was talking about body type and avertisement of a belly lol. But I like POF. I use it on my iphone great app.
Написал: Mr-Nice-Guy j, 23.01.2013, 19:37

Notice to women don't put a pic of you and your friend if your friend is way hotter.
Написал: TriforceNightmareIX, 20.03.2013, 07:02

@daniquinnzel, you've got plenty of insight on how the dating world really does operate and how we've been manipulated to lie to get a date or even a relationship. It sickens people like me who are wholly honest and still get screwed over for no absolute reason. Awesome vid.
Написал: Jheri Miller, 29.09.2013, 06:29

Unless you are the most attractive by far.
Написал: Jheri Miller, 29.09.2013, 06:32

It's actually a proven fact that in the United States, women still only make 74% of what men make on average.
Написал: killiecommie, 11.04.2013, 09:35

Big girls are usually really nice. also they have huge tits so.......... love em
Написал: nitemonger78, 13.04.2013, 20:12

a couple of things that are SOOOOOO annoying with dating sites. and men can be guilty of this too, but since i date women, here's what i found. pics from 10 YEARS ago. come on now. also, when a woman puts "a few extra pounds" when they are CLEARLY 80 pounds overweight. also annoying is flat out lying about their weight, or cropping their pictures in a way that you can't see their true body type. seriously?? why set yourself up for failure. never good to start off any relationship with lying.
Написал: honeyhotsauce, 26.01.2013, 02:43

You're beautiful
Написал: mt. shyna, 05.07.2013, 19:00

10K?! jeeeezus, what woman askes for 10k?! :O