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Adam khor insan. Men eat Dead Bodies, Murda Khor in Darya Khan (Bhakkar) 5

Продолжительность: 00:03:05

Police said Monday they had arrested two middle-aged brothers on suspicion of stealing and eating human flesh in an investigation into cannibalism that has shocked a remote town. "We arrested the two men from Kohar Kalan village on Sunday after it was revealed they had been stealing bodies from graves and eating them," local police officer Abdul Rehman told AFP. He said police acted after the parents of a 24-year-old woman, who died of cancer, complained that her body went missing after being buried on Saturday. Rehman said the suspects, both in their 40s, stole the body from the grave near the town of Darya Khan, in Punjab. "The two men, who are brothers, confessed to police that they had been pulling out bodies for the past year. "We also recovered the body of the girl with a missing leg, which the two men said was eaten by them," the official said. District police officer Humayun Masood Sindhu also confirmed the arrests and called the case "the most horrible" of his entire career. He said police found the body of the 24-year-old woman in a sack and confiscated an axe from the house where the suspects were living دریاخان کے نواحی علاقے کہاوڑ کلاں میں 2افراد نے اعتراف کیا ھے کہ وہ دونوں مل کر مردہ انسانی لاشوں کو قبروں میں سے نکال کر ان کا گوشت کھاتے ھیں۔ اگر ان کو لاش نہ ملے تو وہ کتے بھی کھا جاتے ھیں۔ ان کو انسان کا گوشت کھانے کا نشا ھے۔۔

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Написал: geo maji, 13.04.2011, 17:32

darya khan waly in mojromo ko Miana wali jail mei behjo hum in ki gand koto ko kehlain gy
Написал: sultan haider, 21.04.2011, 20:25

ejaz bhai adam khooor kalorr kott
Написал: Azy ozzy, 20.04.2011, 16:53

@MajorDmvUK they good and bad in all countries!!you prick!!!get lost
Написал: Shah A, 04.09.2011, 07:37

Put them in hungry lions cage.
Написал: KraziAFG, 04.05.2011, 09:11

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Написал: hajimohammed141, 27.08.2013, 11:08

Написал: themuzammil20101, 16.04.2011, 09:42

thanks for this vedio is upload to youtube
Написал: SALMAN KHAN, 24.05.2013, 23:01

that,s why i hate pakistan
Написал: Azy ozzy, 23.04.2011, 21:08

Написал: hhuusseey, 10.04.2011, 10:08

Написал: KraziAFG, 08.05.2011, 03:06

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Написал: KraziAFG, 03.05.2011, 02:11

@noorsay fuck man afghan would never go any where near paki cunts,, oiii u know wht i used to love pakistan n i love the music but when i see thiss stuff like eating humans dead body like few months ago they bashed two innoccent brothers till death in a village in pakistan,, so how can we/people expect humanity from u guyss.. i really didnt wanna use bad words against pakistan but u pakis make every one talk shit about u people urself.. god bless u n all muslims in pak
Написал: Shaukat Zaman, 30.04.2011, 18:23

@BibiKhanum ya u r cent% ryt
Написал: Omer tariq, 17.04.2011, 20:32

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Написал: dim ple, 25.06.2013, 06:04

this video is all bout some sick people.... its not about country u dumb fuck people........
Написал: KraziAFG, 07.05.2011, 06:49

@noorsay ohk ohk mate, atleast we are not cheap cunts like u ;) lol
Написал: faaaduma, 12.03.2012, 15:50

it's sounds like the reporter says "jin" & "shaydan"o.O
Написал: asifrazanizamani, 16.04.2011, 06:40

Allah Pak in Darindon per Sakht Azab Nazil day
Написал: simbul1000, 13.04.2011, 21:05

saray keeray makoron ka rizk kha leeya...i wonder y these people are still so skinny
Написал: Suleman yar, 01.05.2011, 08:02

ohhhhhhhh what is this ???????????
Написал: sonia57591, 05.08.2011, 00:02

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Написал: 0978eman, 15.04.2011, 09:16

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Написал: Jay Sean, 27.07.2011, 19:54

lol.... first its inbreds and now cannabilism, Pakistan is going far ... not just with terrorism lol
Написал: KraziAFG, 07.05.2011, 15:27

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