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Love Crimes of Kabul 2011 Full Movie

Продолжительность: 01:11:25

Download Love Crimes of Kabul 2011 Full Movies AFGHAN Movie

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Написал: almrs almrs, 01.12.2012, 00:57

zia jan's son, muhibbullah is so hot. girl is lucky.
Написал: XEmWorldX, 16.12.2012, 14:08

Everybody knows that countries like this punish the woman more than the man. Like if a woman whos married gets raped by a man then the woman gets in trouble and not the man. its fucked up!
Написал: Jenny Bint, 28.12.2012, 00:32

Shame on those infidels? You sick in the head fool, I'm not Muslim either. So you are insulting me as well without knowing one thing about me. It is clear that you will blame anyone just to make your country look a little better. No, 90% of the crap going on in Afghanistan are not Hazara or Tajik. Shame on you for lying like this. Is that allowed in your Islam that you claim is the only way to live a moral life? Is blindly insulting people you dont know the Islam way? You're just a fool.
Написал: LibertarianPersian, 05.01.2013, 23:35

I do care about your nation, and Tajikistan, I don't know why you are so hateful towards Iranian,just grow up and face the fucking truth, you people should learn some of the routine culture of your nation is harsh,you should understand that the people are the most responsible of their miseries, Islamic Republic is the misery which the people of Iran are responsible for,can I say U.S conduct a military coup and toppled the elected prime minister in 1953 so by this assumption we still (continued)
Написал: LibertarianPersian, 05.01.2013, 22:52

17:00 just wow, she's my hero
Написал: Jenny Bint, 16.12.2012, 01:37

Ahahaha, like I told you, but you refuse to understand with that thick head of yours. I HAVE AT LEAST 10 AFGHAN FRIENDS. I am not Iranian and I do not speak farsi, you fool. Iran & Afghanistan are both a mess, but your so proud of your shit hole that you choose to instead insult people who make documentaries. -__- If people like you run Afghanistan, it's no surprise why it's such a mess.
Написал: Sane Dale, 23.01.2013, 17:05

women shouldn't be born in that country,
Написал: laceylocket1, 26.10.2012, 11:22

The Best thing i heard in this Documentary was the Woman who Killed her Sick Paedophile Husband , Good On Her ......
Написал: LibertarianPersian, 05.01.2013, 23:29

Hey I'm Iranian Just wanted to tell you refusing the reality about your own country is as equal as being traitor, It's so naive to put a blame on others instead of your country's obvious barbarism,I'm also proud of my nationality but it doesn't mean I should close my eyes and acknowledge the fact that my nation is perfect, that's your problem, I have seen many Afghans and majority of you are naive towards the truth,first accept your faults then next phase of solving would break out
Написал: nunoyabiznis, 12.02.2013, 10:45

I'd be glad to explain. Yes, the men get punishment. Actually, they get a longer sentence (which is explained in the video). This video focuses mainly on the woman's side of things, but it also shows that the men involved are also in prison (which most commenting here seem to miss for some reason).
Написал: Aroo Alviz, 05.01.2013, 22:45

of course in case its not illegal, they can have sex... Don't forget its an islamic country...
Написал: Jenny Bint, 15.12.2012, 20:11

You are one sick in the head individual to compare the U.S. to Afghanistan. Women have rights in the U.S. How many times have you seen women killed in the U.S. or jailed for having sex before marriage or for refusing marriage? The shooting in the US was by a mentally ill 20 year old. In Afghanistan, its by people claiming it's Allah's way. By the way, watch the documentary "Bacha bazi boys". There's another tradition-- both supported and enjoyed by even Afghani government and law officials.
Написал: WarPlanesTV, 09.01.2013, 08:25

i too want the same ;)
Написал: zahraish, 03.01.2013, 22:27

what the hell this is not normal they're getting arrested for no reason, it makes sense if they killed someone and they get arrested but not sex, i mean its their choice if they want to have sex or not! That should be a law and peoples freedom!!
Написал: Raha Bless, 24.01.2013, 16:08

I like the widow , she is very educated , talks very well and nice . she certainly deserves a nice man , Madrah Khob nistand , Khanom Topol kheili tahsil karde va fahmide ast hagheshe ye marer khob begiradestesh , I am very sad for her , she is talented , nice . I am a woman , she is like my sister . I hope she finds a better life
Написал: Romeo Hash, 26.11.2012, 04:22

this pashtu is very handsome thats why she give up her heart for him
Написал: even ezer, 02.02.2013, 18:24

people really take all their freedoms in the west for granted..such films are a good reminder to us blessed we are to live in Christian societies...even moslims are running in millions to the west...
Написал: Jenny Bint, 16.12.2012, 00:45

OKay, you must know better who I am. Thanks for informing me of MY ethnicity. If it weren't for you, I would have gone my entire life convinced that I'm not Iranian since no one else in my family is Iranian. Thanks so much.
Написал: ddszg dxzxvds, 06.02.2013, 01:46

Afghanistan has become peaceful over the the previous decades thanks to America, but at the same time Opium productions have increased. This shows that America's primary goal was not only the Taliban, but making money as well. America also uses unmanned Military Drones to kill individuals, which is immoral and horrific. America uses propaganda to justify their reasoning for invading other countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq and I pity the stupidity of the American citizens for believing it.
Написал: DaNoOoify, 16.12.2012, 21:59

Написал: Ronald Tell, 08.02.2013, 20:08

How can love my a crime? Love comes from God, the real God of the Bibel.
Написал: Farid Bob, 25.11.2012, 02:57

after watching this i was crying , our poor country may allah bless all of us
Написал: Raha Bless, 24.01.2013, 21:22

You killed Children and women when they were sleeping , History will reveal everything , People will enlighten you and your selfish government and people , Shame On You , That Killed Aghans and Iraqi , Your people are in Deep asleep , Tell The People in West Wake UP now , Open their eyes to see who is killing Gaza Children , Like a beast , Who Bombarded Iraqi and Afghani , Shame On you , Shame on you That you just think about yourself , read Chomsky to see what USA DId to world
Написал: asraf khan, 19.10.2012, 17:30

in this part of the world women are considered as 2nd class citizen and have no rights at all they can't drive cars they can't be successful, thank god i wasn't born in the middle east it's si fucked up! in singapore where i was born women have become a manager, a doctors, a lawyer even a pilot.
Написал: ddszg dxzxvds, 12.01.2013, 23:12

If you feel like arguing on the internet and proving your point to one individual makes you believe your opinion will be heard then continue your pathetic attempt. On another note, the immoral way woman have been treated has been happening throughout history by various ethnic communities, changing the way woman are treated does not occur instantaneously but gradually through the course of time. To see a war torn, third world country attempting to put a stop to misogyny is admirable.