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Dr. Oz on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 2

Продолжительность: 00:05:41

Dr. Oz questions Jimmy and Guillermo about their diet, and they have an in-depth, scientific conversation about their poop. Jimmy Kimmel Live - The second part of Jimmy's interview with Dr. Oz #KIMMEL Jimmy Kimmel Live's YouTube channel features clips and recaps of every episode from the late night TV show on ABC. Subscribe for clips from the monologue, the interviews, and musical performances every day of the week. Watch your favorites parts again, or catch-up on any episodes you may have missed. Website: Channel: Subscribe:

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Написал: armygringo, 05.02.2014, 23:11

Jimmy: "I guess I'll go with like NUMBER TWO" - no pun intended lol
Написал: Offended Badly then Unsubscribed, 06.02.2014, 02:28

mine hurts as you can see by my avatar
Написал: Clevertp95, 08.02.2014, 16:58

Is it bad that number 1 made me think of hersheys kisses lmao
Написал: Mohamed Farouk, 05.02.2014, 22:03

Gosh, this is so funny. hahahahah :D
Написал: DrinkThis, 05.02.2014, 19:23

Ha my poop says Why have you forsaken me Lmao XP
Написал: blazinchalice, 07.02.2014, 05:50

Написал: David K, 05.02.2014, 19:48

Thats disgusting... Anyways, eating healthy is overrated... My shit screams too... I eat no breakfast, 2 times a day... Mcdonalds, chipotle, el polo loco, del taco, wingstop taco bell, in and out, dennys. Thank god for fastfood. Who the hell would want to wakeup to oatmeal everyday lol.. 
Написал: dragonblack955, 17.02.2014, 04:51

My shit has never floated in my entire life.
Написал: daniel maloney, 06.02.2014, 03:34

Dr oz is kinda a D
Написал: Vito Corleone, 05.02.2014, 09:37

this video is absolutely shit all puns intended. 
Написал: Kobebryant andbasketball, 06.02.2014, 13:44

Guillermo you're the best <3
Написал: Rivers18, 18.02.2014, 12:59

You're never too old for poop jokes. :)
Написал: charmslady, 06.02.2014, 08:57

Don't Watch this while eating lol
Написал: Georgiebelle, 05.02.2014, 14:05

This interview was everything!!!! LOLOL !!
Написал: brittanyandjonas, 05.02.2014, 16:26

Написал: Alicia V, 05.02.2014, 13:02

I feel like I know jimmy very intimately now. It's weird...
Написал: Patrick Faulkner, 05.04.2014, 11:49

My poop hurts for I have chronic hemorrhoids.
Написал: Meesta kevin, 05.02.2014, 16:05

lmao love dr oz
Написал: BeqaSamx Beqa, 05.02.2014, 11:11

wtf i just watched?
Написал: Shiv Das, 05.02.2014, 11:16

'My shit screams'....oh my...that's one of the funniest 'shit' i have heard in a long :D
Написал: Gaby Paniagua, 05.02.2014, 08:27

Yeahh I didn't want to know any of that...
Написал: JongaLife, 05.02.2014, 20:48

I wonder if mine is Carbonated... 
Написал: Tilaron, 08.02.2014, 14:23

Actually, 3 & 4 are both acceptable, not just 4.
Написал: The Good News Project, 05.02.2014, 15:49

"Mine screams." The moment I lost it.
Написал: Tina C., 07.02.2014, 21:18

Dr. Oz talks about Jimmy Kimmel's number 2. Kimmel gets to keep the chart! #Lmao