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Reptilian Shapeshifters Justin Bieber - Justin Bieber es un Reptiliano

Продолжительность: 00:04:29

Original video: Vídeo original: "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."

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Написал: Orah Omar, 31.08.2014, 21:42

c'est du n'importe quoi.......
Написал: Gerald Sepulveda, 20.08.2014, 20:12

But ya think that everyone is a reptilian not everyone is there is a way to tell
Написал: jess castillo cruz, 04.08.2014, 20:57

Yo no veo nada ._.
Написал: Gerald Sepulveda, 20.08.2014, 20:09

Que los ojoz she volvio in Furman triangular
Написал: trafalgar phoenix, 02.03.2014, 23:45

jajajaja justin no es reptiliano ,solo es maricon 
Написал: An Actual Shapeshifting Reptilian, 29.06.2014, 10:31

I want to gnaw his scaly anus.
Написал: Maira Monserrat Lovera Canela, 16.06.2014, 19:51

No es un reptilianO es una reptilianA
Написал: Ventus L, 12.02.2014, 16:06

Are u fucking stupid,we live in days when u can make everything look real with computer,so with your logic Avatar isnt just a movie,its real!!! Wow fuck yeah.... Jeasus get a life
Написал: Roger Galeano, 18.05.2014, 09:48

Looks like you aint got shit to do, thats a piece of shit 
Написал: WinDroid J, 13.05.2014, 17:30

Jajajajajaja a 381 putiebiberes no les gusta esto xD
Написал: lamatrak hooligans, 12.05.2014, 04:45

Arrete la drogue ou alor arrete de prendre les gens pour des cons
Написал: Brody Z Akira, 11.05.2014, 21:50

Might aswell zoom in on a cheeseburger playing this music because this was the most ridiculous video on this subject I've seen so far...
Написал: asustech007, 02.02.2014, 03:31

C'MON.... what kind of drugs are people smoking? So he blinks his eyes and now he's a lizard?
Написал: slw154, 04.02.2014, 16:31

Ok, the REALLY ANNOYING, really OVERLY LOUD "scary" music REALLY HAS ME CONVINCED........... That somebody is staring at this pretty boy just a *little too fuking much. THAT is what is scary. *Can this be any more fuking stupid*? Is this the maker's masturbation video or something??? Not even being able to hear any of the interview.... and the volume of the "really scary, inquisitive dramatic music" being blown off the needle is just annoying.
Написал: alexandra montilla, 04.05.2014, 22:38

no vi nada, nadita, nada :(
Написал: canal purotone, 03.05.2014, 16:27

jajaja lo que le pasa es que estara ciego de meterse de todo
Написал: beefowoman, 01.02.2014, 16:34

Honestly I don't believe it. I don't notice anything different with his eyes. And sometimes my eyes do that cuz there really big and sometimes one accidently moves in the opposite direction of the other cuz I look one way trying to hide it then it gets all messed up it just happens lol
Написал: James Russler, 02.05.2014, 18:51

Too many REAL musicians struggle while little kids are marketed for profit.B,is one of the $$$$ puppets for the Jews that control the music industry...A punk,talent less,borderline functioning retard........but pretty isn't He don't give a shit,you all bought it all ready.He laughs all the way to the Jewish bank 
Написал: eddit gil, 07.02.2013, 23:27

No entiendo? :( Que es lo raro en su mirada??
Написал: PrognatusSeptem, 16.09.2012, 08:15

Good catch. Like your video. Just one heads-up. The circles you are using in the bottom right corner over your logo are called "mnemonics" and the are very very bad for people. In fact they are digital Solomon's key watch?v=ac9nsXwwzYo Much Respect. Peace, 7
Написал: AutomatedForexRobots, 02.04.2013, 22:59

song name?
Написал: Jonas Perez, 11.03.2013, 02:59

Написал: xindaa, 18.07.2013, 21:41

1.he is just a normal kid. 2. i did not see anything. 3. Humans are superior to all animals and of course all reptiles. 4. may be aliens exists or not am not sure but one thing is sure that there is nothing like Reptilians or so-called shapeshifters.
Написал: Joshua Rizo-Patron, 22.02.2013, 17:58

Cybert9 we are here for you, you have exposed us. You cant even recognize us sitting at dinner next to you
Написал: SwaggiePRODUCTION, 02.10.2012, 13:46

It's a normal pupil: / how lame all the hard work fo nothing... g good on yaah..