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Reptilian Shapeshifters Justin Bieber - Justin Bieber es un Reptiliano

Продолжительность: 00:04:29

Original video: Vídeo original: "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."

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Написал: SkemeKOS, 31.01.2014, 14:31

I usually think all of these "shape shifting reptilian" videos are bullshit, and I can always see that its just a problem with the camera/video itself, but I have to admit that this one is very strange. It almost looks like his right eye has been (badly)CGI'd over. It stays in one place and doesn't blink or squint etc. Weird.
Написал: plant fert, 03.02.2014, 14:46

why does he close his eyes and look down in every video.
Написал: asustech007, 02.02.2014, 03:31

C'MON.... what kind of drugs are people smoking? So he blinks his eyes and now he's a lizard?
Написал: Espio LuCiFeR, 12.02.2014, 16:06

Are u fucking stupid,we live in days when u can make everything look real with computer,so with your logic Avatar isnt just a movie,its real!!! Wow fuck yeah.... Jeasus get a life
Написал: Jessie Nicholson, 03.02.2014, 10:39

Well the reason for showing this is to make you aware that some celebrity admit to selling their souls to the devil and weather you believe it or not this is the reality because they have never showed this in the eighties but music is ahead of it's time and has spoken about end times like Dio Last in Line , Bad Company seagull, Rem this is the end of the world as we know it and many more and the Bible is talking about that in the last days the devil will rule the earth. Also about the chip that Obama is promoting look at Obama Health Care Mark of the Beast with the pic him flames
Написал: Saimah Rahman, 10.03.2014, 23:05

I don't know what "Reptilian shapeshifter" means can someone please explain to me?
Написал: Invisible Flame, 31.01.2014, 04:05

Dude put down the crack pipe!
Написал: funmakinmoney99, 13.03.2014, 08:41

What a ridiculous video. 
Написал: Yabaworld, 10.02.2014, 03:15

So he wears a contact in his right eye, so what? It happened in his courtroom thing too. ;) That's all there is, move it along, nothing to see here ;-) Love the dramaticccccc music
Написал: Dj TeeOh, 30.01.2014, 23:33

LMAO, this shit is dumb
Написал: dadreamzworld, 19.02.2014, 20:55

Написал: yanapray, 03.03.2014, 14:15

JESUS bless
Написал: davenetdog, 10.02.2014, 03:07

What about Benghazi?
Написал: rahliE05, 05.02.2014, 09:25

Check out the video from his recent court hearing.. There's one from Fox News, and there's also one from the actual hearing.. His eyes completely change to an "orange-ish" color for a good 2-3 seconds, then he turns his head away and looks back up and they're normal.. Usually I call bullshit on stuff like this, but when there's numerous videos showing the same thing, that takes out the "Photoshop" claim for sure
Написал: beefowoman, 01.02.2014, 16:34

Honestly I don't believe it. I don't notice anything different with his eyes. And sometimes my eyes do that cuz there really big and sometimes one accidently moves in the opposite direction of the other cuz I look one way trying to hide it then it gets all messed up it just happens lol
Написал: Tom Mcdonough, 09.04.2014, 22:26

I thought I was pretty good at catching these things even though the original video you saw is always clearer than the one posted. I caught the tongue flicker, but that right pupil was a helluva catch. The frame by frame, slow motion technigue for spotting them on either computer monitor or DVR is going viral and people are catching on quickly. Any FOX news broadcast can be used for practice. They are all Reptoids over there, lol. Anyway, great catch and keep posting.
Написал: Fone Star, 09.02.2014, 18:50

There's many valid conspiracies that need to be brought to light and investigated. "Reptilian" crap like this just smears shit all over those conspiracies.
Написал: Darrenk971, 11.02.2014, 13:14

Hey yabaworld they take contacts in jail stupid
Написал: Yappity Yap, 26.11.2013, 06:01

I'm sure there is many things wrong with Bieber and he has my compassion in whatever mess he is. But going after HIM on a few pixels, that you will find quite ordinary when using crappy encoding and/or heavy zoom ist just making the whole idea of reptilians look stupid. Which it not neccisarily is.
Написал: Aliah Chambers, 05.04.2014, 20:11

well that was unnecessarily terrifying with the music and all. 
Написал: brookelle bailey, 05.03.2014, 03:01

To the person who said we don't have uneven eyes.. U r a retard 
Написал: fairybits, 11.04.2014, 05:54

All of us have one eye,one ear,nostril,eyebrow,and part of our lips that are not even.One is larger then the other.Most in Hollywood,and in the white house are hybrids.And most are family related.Ha.
Написал: Centerfold Skye, 01.02.2014, 16:24

If this eye thing is the all the rage I guess David Bowie is the King of the Reptilians?
Написал: fairybits, 11.04.2014, 05:52

You have hybrids living in you're own neighborhoods.I bet half of you here are hybrids.So why condemn them.? We are not better,nor better as human beings.
Написал: Dion Fields, 24.01.2014, 07:29

Did you see it in his arrest he blinks then his eyes are so obisouly different its not even funny the change