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Jason Williams STILL HAS IT - White Chocolate dominates in China - J Will Elbow Pass

Продолжительность: 00:01:47

Jason Williams showed that he still had it while on the USA Legends Tour in China. "White Chocolate" dazzled fans with his ball handling and passing ability, even pulling out the legendary elbow pass.

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Написал: Kollin011, 10.07.2014, 19:32

Why are so many NBA players leaving to play overseas?
Написал: Phyuck Yiu, 18.12.2013, 15:00

Weak...this isn't impressive to me. This is him regressing more than progressing. Thats like going to the NBA then goin back to play college ball. NBA has the best basketball players on the planet. So to go to China with much less competition, that is going in the opposite direction. He sucked in the NBA anyways...
Написал: Praverb the Wyse, 18.12.2013, 04:49

Jason Williams with the elbow pass at 1:09
Написал: Jumbotron, 24.04.2014, 09:01

Wish him and Webber coulda won a ring during their Sacramento days, he did turn it over too much though
Написал: john basedow, 11.04.2014, 22:25

He should have been on the AND 1 mixtape crew back in the day
Написал: AT 7, 07.07.2014, 13:19

0:57 - 1:11 ... this is why Jason Williams is so fun to watch. In this very one play, he crossed two people... and did his famous elbow pass.. What... a... boss...
Написал: Mike McCatty, 16.11.2013, 15:12

Luv this dude...miss those Kings days.
Написал: Robby303, 15.05.2014, 21:16

his son is not human. he's 8 and he can beat me. I think his name is jackson 
Написал: dirklbj, 13.04.2014, 20:54

easy money....
Написал: Miles BRAH, 05.04.2014, 06:56

Phyuck Yiu clearly doesn't know shit about basketball lol you don't get the nickname white chocolate from your NBA peers unless you're sweet with the rock.
Написал: Avilés , E, 31.03.2014, 05:03 still doing those nasty elbow passes?! damn
Написал: NBASFAN, 12.12.2013, 10:14

I miss those days when a raging idiot on YouTube can only type in 200 letters. Nowadays, you have to scroll down the page to see a 2 paragraph argument.
Написал: SlysLab, 27.04.2014, 17:04

I agree the competition isn't as good as NBA, but his handles are still crazy
Написал: Bryan Soe, 14.11.2013, 06:44

damn come to the lakers and kick out steve blake 
Написал: Darnell Thompson, 17.07.2013, 02:15

I forgot all about White Chocolate aka Jason Williams. He used to get busy with Sacramento.
Написал: Maurice Holloway, 12.02.2014, 01:01

Anybody else remember this guy was in the nba? I didn't 
Написал: John Sandefur, 16.07.2014, 00:36

Darude - Sandstorm
Написал: ntnnot, 10.07.2014, 19:08

Написал: west jack, 26.03.2014, 01:00

white chocolate vs the proffessor. who would win?
Написал: ThatsJoeDirt, 07.06.2014, 23:17

J Will needs to stock embarrassing them Asians like that lol
Написал: Thaddeus Gerrish, 22.06.2014, 09:57

I wish we still had him on the heat as a backup
Написал: Matthew B, 23.01.2014, 12:02

Dude110% on not playing selfish ball that's what makes a true ball player
Написал: Jordan Thorn, 10.07.2014, 06:08

Bruh, the top comment, your stupid. Just cause he left the NBA takes nothing away from his talent... He wanted to do what he loved without all the pressure. Yea the competition is different but he did it for what he loved to do... Dick head @phyuucl yui (or whatever the fuck
Написал: Jwiil Jr, 06.03.2014, 23:47

Those Knee Injuries really hurt him his later years, glad to see him still playing the game he loves. Those of you knocking him, he's done with the NBA, he just likes getting out and playing the game! #WhiteChocolate 
Написал: n88nick, 16.11.2013, 09:20

Jason Williams always been official... Salute!