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How to detect and remove if your computer has a Keylogger and or Virus

Продолжительность: 00:00:43

For you: This is a video showing you how to detect if your computer has a keylogger i dont show you how to remove it theres other videos for that..... Comment, Rate,Subscribe this website should help GREAT VIRUS PROTECTION:

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Написал: MaximilianMus, 05.10.2014, 13:38

i dont even have a winlogon :(
Написал: MyHaxerWays, 17.02.2014, 21:45

Написал: Vladimirovich Putinsky, 19.06.2014, 13:55

Написал: HitCoder, 09.11.2013, 18:31

+5z2z Don't you get the joke? I had said I opened one with the wrong email, practically making them a keylogger to get my passwords. I didn't actually do it anyway, so I think you should stop worrying after reading 2 words of a comment and get a life.
Написал: Valor Evasiion - PS3, 09.11.2013, 03:32

Listen! I know you guys wont believe this but this site just gave me a PSN code from a card and it worked! Crazy! Check this site out: com - See more at:
Написал: Megakev, 17.03.2014, 18:35

I have windows startup wuts that?
Написал: SuperShark61, 22.04.2013, 18:25

I'm on windows 8 and i don't see winlogin.exe but i only see winlogon.exe?
Написал: iCraftEden, 23.12.2012, 19:10

Uhrmm Kinda If u use chrome try to use another browser
Написал: CACTUS, 09.10.2013, 20:43

I have winlogon.exe and wininit.exe so do i have keylogger? :P
Написал: TheCKMStudio, 04.05.2013, 20:56

It was obviously a joke...
Написал: HitCoder, 21.10.2013, 18:49

Same here.
Написал: Ralfs Peteris Ozolins, 05.08.2011, 16:23

I hope you help my pc.
Написал: kuletlegends, 27.05.2013, 23:57

windows logon application and winlogon.exe is the same bro
Написал: Fraser McGregor, 24.10.2011, 16:11

How to detect if your computer has a keylogger ; You frequent The Pirate Bay, and download 'hacking tools' from other websites around. You follow links to download haxx0r tools from Youtube videos, and think your neo cus you once cracked a wep. If any of these things ring true; theres every chance you have a keylogger.
Написал: Gehenna71, 14.02.2012, 16:47

@5z2z Can I have your ip? I'll show you how I fuck with that.
Написал: TheAbracadavre, 17.07.2013, 09:05

Hey man, is this the same for ardamax keyloggers?
Написал: Gehenna71, 15.07.2012, 21:17

Go to school.
Написал: Moln Edits, 02.08.2011, 22:31

I cant delete it please help !
Написал: 5z2z, 28.10.2013, 03:03

I can't wait for the epic ddoes. Lel.
Написал: 5z2z, 28.10.2013, 03:04

Yeah sure if you're an idiot. If you actually have a strong background in networking and exploit knowledge you can do a lot with an IP address.
Написал: MsDasaw, 01.03.2012, 15:29

@TheyWantToBeFriends remove 1 (the non system)
Написал: mrSk8ter21, 08.11.2011, 00:38

Okay let's say I deleted one of those Winlog.exe. How can i tell if i deleted the right one? If i Deleted the right one could i still be able to get on websites/ And if i deleted the wrong one would have my computer crashed?
Написал: Blue-Souls, 10.07.2013, 19:04

Написал: Lubomir Caja, 14.12.2011, 18:15

thank god! i have no keylogers or i have one but everyone has that.