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Написал: Sean B, 06.04.2014, 02:46

if ufos were real they would have been in the bible
Написал: Cody Allan, 24.04.2014, 03:35

I wanted to watch this until I saw the history channel logo in the bottom right
Написал: Van gogh, 03.05.2014, 10:24

History channel should just change their name to sci-fi channel. Isnt history suppose to be facts that happened the the past? FACT . Not some unqualified tom dick and harry claim. 
Написал: InFAMOUSP$4, 22.04.2014, 04:44

he said light years but that's a distance not time
Написал: Vlad B, 21.04.2014, 16:49

This would of been interesting to watch, if 2 of those guys weren't extreme UFO nut bags that can see aliens in everything. Especially that guy wearing UFO hat, ease up bro and let the facts speak. Interesting nonetheless.
Написал: Carl Mac, 19.04.2014, 16:06

These UFO's use a kind of bubble created by a magnetic type force field letting the raft itself slip into and out of the water and through the atmosphere it also protects the craft when traveling through space. if for any reason the magnetic field fails then that craft is vulnerable to be destroyed. The color changes that is seen is the level of power that the magnetic field is using, in many sightings witnesses see the UFO's change colors showing the power shift these craft use. You would think these researchers would have already know that if they even studied past research by scientists investigating these UFO's for many years.
Написал: C. Bone, 08.04.2014, 11:10

"some experts are convinced" how could you have experts on something that no one has ever seen or touched or even gotten a clear photo of XD
Написал: Dr James A McBean, 07.04.2014, 16:04

This is people making underwater craft accessing sunken treasure ships. Even though I am a believer in UFO, many of this so call, UFO are nothing more than manmade craft, ravishing sunken treasure ship.
Написал: Shannon Clements, 31.03.2014, 04:56

I am so glad to hear Mr. David Icke say that he whom controls the information can control the world. I am glad that he made a video about the perception as well. He often talks about reptilians and alien human hybrids and what not. I want to go there. Now I am an atheist and have no belief in any god whatsoever. However I do believe that there are alien beings out there in this universe. It is complete and total arrogance to believe that this is the only planet in an entire universe with life on it in our form. Now if the bible is actually real, in which I do believe there is some truth to it (I just don't believe in any deity) then that would mean that there really are reptilian type of beings out there. Take the serpent for instance in the garden of eden. He spoke to eve and educated her to not dying from the eating of the forbidden fruit. He was a reptilian. However we were made in gods image and likeness. That is why we know that there are alien being out there that look just like us. The same goes for all of the races. There are aliens out there that resemble every single race on this planet. But here's where the perception comes into play at. Jesus says that you'll know a tree by its fruits. So when w talk about the reptilian beings then we have to ask are they really the ones whom are evil? The bible says that they are but are they really evil? The bible only tells one side of a story and that's the side of god. We do not have Lucifer's set of prophecies or tales of his dealings with humanity. We only have the words of god. Here's where your intelligence has to reason out what really happened. In order to do this then you must look at the humble beginnings of black people here in America and how we came to be free. To do this is to understand what Adam truly went through with god. You can tell the tree of god and Lucifer by their fruits. When god was ready to create man you have to look at why he created us in the first place. He saw that everything he created was good but there was no man to till and keep what he created. To till the earth means to turn over the topsoil and pull up all of the weeds growing out of it. Then to plant the seeds of new plants to grow. To keep means to take care of what grows. However jesus called us tenants. That meant that we didn't own what we grew and took care of. We were only the ones growing and taking care of what was grown but god sent his people to pick up all the choice of everything in our labor and leave us the scraps. Proof of this is in the sacrifices. All the choice meats and grains was given unto god as an offereing to keep in his good graces. We were given the scraps to eat. That's like feeding your dog the leftovers. Like the slaves of 400 years ago we aimed to please god as best we could. Yessa massa what is it thou wish of me massa is how we spoke to god. We did whatever he told us to do. And we had to do it with a smile on our face no matter how debase it may have been. Had we not eaten of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil then we still would be the same way today thousands if not hundreds of thousands or even millions of years later. In the garden of eden he didn't even teach you to make a house to live in let alone clothing to wear. We walked around naked. God told us not to eat the forbidden fruit lest we shall surely die. Yet he kept us from eating the fruit of the tree of life which would've caused us to live forever. That's why he kicked us out of the garden and spun a flaming sword so we couldn't come back. He wanted us to stay ignorant, obedient, and subservient. In other words stay in your place. Now imagine the northern caucasian visiting their cousins in the south. They were the educated bunch wear what they would call frippery. Walking around with a squinted eye to hold his eye piece, a pocket watch attached to a chain in his inside jacket pocket, wearing a suit and fancy hat, and wearing shiny shoes. Looking upon his cousins slaves he tells him that things are changing and that these people should be freed because we have a new way of life to live that is better than this. The southern cousin slave owners disagreed and told the northern cousin to get away from his plantation. The northern cousin looked upon them sadly and left. Now input Lucifer. He came around and saw how Adam and Eve was being treated. He decided to do something about it because there was a new way of doing things. Times was changing. So he walked up to eve and then educated her about the fruit in which she desired. Eve took a chance just like a southern slave would take a chance of learning how to read and write. Eve then took the information back to Adam and taught him. At that point they knew that it wasn't right to be naked in front of god anymore. So they made clothes to wear in his presence. When god finally got Adam to come out into the open he was upset and said whom told you that you were naked? Now lets stop. They had the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil so therefore they knew that it was evil to be in front of god naked. That's why they clothed themselves. God knew then that he was caught keeping them in an evil position. When neither Adam or Eve died from eating the fruit gods lie was uncovered. They were never meant to live forever like he said they would. Like trembling slaves coming before the massa to be questioned about a wrong that has been done they came forth with the information. Lucifer saw ow they cowered and sio therefore he stood up for them and he and god got into a tussle. In order for god to win he broke both legs of Lucifer just like he knocked the hip out of place of Jacob to get away. He cheated in the fight. God was a dirty fighter. Eve felt sorrow for Lucifer as god made him crawl out of the garden to never return. She tried to stand up but god put her back into her place. Adam grew slightly angry for his woman being mistreated but kept his mouth shut too. Then lets fast forward to the tower of babble. God saw the unity of man and how they worked together to build a grand tower to reach heaven. He knew deep down that should they reach outer space then they would figure out where he was really from. He was an alien to this world and really didn't create things as he said he did. They would understand that they were a genetic mutation of the different beings from other planets. Indeed there would be nothing that man couldn't do with such unity. He feared man once again. That is why he divided us up in order to keep us a conquered people. When you look at the world around you then you start to understand that it wasn't gods true intention for you to live the way you are today. It was Lucifer's intentions for your life. God didn't teach you how to build a house. He didn't teach you how to build clothing to wear. He didn't teach you to hunt. He only taught you how to grow things. That's it. Your clans didn't become organized until Lucifer taught you. God hated you being taught. That's why he divided us. Now we have gone through thousands of years of ingrained teaching that Lucifer is our enemy and we only experience the wrath of god because we refuse to be obedient, ignorant, and subservient to him and his will. I believe that there is another story hidden but still intact today somewhere. And it's none of the religious books out in the public. It teaches the other side of the story and gives a different set of prophecies. Some would call it the Luciferian doctrine. But with how Lucifer has been portrayed despite the fruit he has bared countless of times we look upon him as the enemy. The reptilians may not be our enemy as we think. This information stays hidden for our own good. We are at war constantly to make believe that we are divided and still conquered when in fact we have been unified for some times now. Those ships we see in the sky is this god coming to make sure that we stay divided and conquered. The grandest act of all time is in fooling god into thinking that we are divided when in fact we are united. There were human alien hybrids because the sons of god saw the daughters of men and took them to wife because they looked good to them. Very pleasing to the eye. When god came back and saw this on his next visit he took one family and then flooded the earth to kill off everyone else. The father of all murder and lies was god and not Lucifer. Some of the ones we see in the air really are our friends and we have been working with them for years. It is my belief that some of us really have been to other planets. I believe that there are people that are so rich that they don't leave their house. The whole world is like an onion with layers upon layers upon layers of secrets. Now get back to studying the bible with different eyes and see what you pick out this time. Your perception is now changing!
Написал: weedneedmusic, 13.04.2014, 16:56

America is more intolerant than enyother country when it happens america will be hit hard 
Написал: CK Wunch, 20.03.2014, 18:00

One would imagine if ET was ever able to get himself all the way from wherever ET lives to the earth he might not actually need a base. IMHO if you can fucking cross impossible distances a base is kinda fucking not only retarded but fucking useless.
Написал: kris ring, 03.03.2014, 00:44

For fucks sake, your inside, take off your sunglasses d-bag
Написал: HumbleAscension, 23.02.2014, 00:47

They are not Aliens they are demons. Why do you think they look like demons? They are demons. Rebuke them in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and you will know they are demons. 
Написал: William Joseph, 06.05.2014, 06:38

Fricken aliens are at it again 
Написал: Jonathan C, 06.05.2014, 16:28

I 'saw', not I 'seen'. Sheesh guys. 
Написал: Gerta Çorati, 04.05.2014, 14:14

Написал: Brian England, 04.05.2014, 04:46

There is plenty of legitimate evidence for the existence of intelligent life visiting our planet. "Eye witness" testimony without any evidence to support it, and extraordinary stories do more harm than good. THE HISTORY CHANNEL SHOULD FOCUS ON HISTORY. Make controversial History Shows. There should be more than enough material for that. Shows like Ancient Aliens and UFO hunters haha are filled with bad information. 
Написал: Kristian Aagaard, 03.05.2014, 02:56

Hogwash & Bullcrap ULtd. - aka The History Channel!
Написал: Joph, 28.04.2014, 23:08

My mother used to say: Talking to ppl. with your sunglasses still on, esp. indoors is most impolite. I agree. The guy looks like someone you wouldn't trust in the first place. Poor PR for the show...
Написал: pablo robinson, 17.04.2014, 16:03

whats a USO?
Написал: der golem, 12.04.2014, 15:12

there is a secret entrance to the ufo base, just jump headlong into your childs turtle pool
Написал: John s Kokas, 11.04.2014, 18:01

why is it only in america they haveso much shit are they board?you don't hear as much in England.
Написал: StarlightEngram1, 04.05.2014, 22:04

USO activity which leads to or follows UFO sightings can confirm the UFOs are using water as a heat sink. But not only this, because it is possible the old dragon of myth may rise from the depths in this area, and the UFOs/USOs may want to be there then to intercept it.
Написал: James Gardiner, 05.05.2014, 14:09

Straight lines - Then jump to "Has to been alien landings" what??? These guys see Aliens in clouds, even maybe on your toast and tea leaves........
Написал: AeroNevin, 04.05.2014, 04:31

Wat a load of shit. "History" channel??? If there's alien bases under the sea then I've got a glowing blue alien turd in a bowl that talks and plays COD4 on a custom PC while wearing a Wonder Woman outfit.