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Написал: drunkSHURA, 29.05.2013, 16:29

i hope Allah swt will open ur eyes so u can see that the Syria coverment is fighting the Zionist that next will attack iran just to get closer to world war 3. We all read the same Quran but we understand it diffrently. thats the problem. u are here too see what u already believe, i am here to see whats going on, and i got the feeling i start to see things that u blocked urself from to see it. brother i didnt come here to hate, i love u and everyone(but i dont follow everyone). peace brother.
Написал: شو حبيب, 21.05.2013, 03:52

Shias have already fucked you...You have woke up too late. You are a minority. You have no support...So good luck!! (Excuse my horrible language) Salam
Написал: شو حبيب, 23.05.2013, 04:52

Alhamdulilah. Then I think U should just practise islam with your own will. Going into politics is not great for starters...Just stay away & try to avoid getting your information from Shias as they don't follow the correct Islam. Shia's are still considered part of islam and are muslims however many aren't. For e.g. Not all shias accept all there falsehood such as cursing the companions & wives of the prophet. And some are just ignorant about there beliefs so we just hope allah guides them! yw ^
Написал: شو حبيب, 21.05.2013, 22:10

Insha'Allah the shia dogs will be finished soon. And all the kilaab of alassad. My point was you sunni's are still sleeping...And sunni leaders are helping shias, so this is why we need to wake up and kill those rafidhi mushriks now, before it's too late... Salams.
Написал: ishamael0, 07.06.2013, 00:02

insults from shia dogs like yourself. i will take that as a compliment shia filth
Написал: Shade Man, 31.05.2013, 06:47

importand is that you are kaffir thas important for me no worry hehehe cry baby cry
Написал: Jazz M, 12.06.2013, 01:34

so u are trying to say Shia killing all the muslim instead of jews is good then? Why don't shia kill the jews first ? Why? Answer me. The answer is simple, Shia and Jews(YAHOD) are ONE. Brother, I hope you open up your mind, come back to Islam. Worship Allah, not prophet companions and Imam. See at minute 17:00 while they tattooing sunni's forehead, is that good? is that what your imam teach you? is it? Is that what we call Ahlul Bait? I hope Allah SWT will open up your mind brother.
Написал: JabatALNusra, 25.05.2013, 06:15

Letting you know hezbollat is funded by Israel
Написал: jamal ismail, 18.06.2013, 18:26

there is no words to discribe this kuffars shia alwaaits forceing someone to declare shahada upon bashar al asad surely allah azwajall will give victory to the real ummah nd syria will be free of this kufarr hafiz allasad is the dijal tht is waiting for them in hell long live the sunni mujjahidin
Написал: burairkhi, 27.05.2013, 07:20

same wish declared by ur mother fucker mawiya laeen ibne abu suffiyan laeen o hinda oobash but still shiasm is growing :P
Написал: Veritas et Fortitudo, 29.05.2013, 17:27

Yes they are they believe in 1 God how are they not Muslim Iran is the most Muslim country in the world Ahmadinejad is the only leader that has balls unlike all the other arab states who do what the USA and Israel want Ahmadinejad will win against the Zionists because him and bashar al Asad arent puppets of the USA the way that Saudi Arabia is Americas bitch
Написал: izyan hazwani, 22.06.2013, 18:16

an eye opening. if this is true, surely Allah will help the truth people, and only He knows who is the truth one. A true muslim will never devotes to his/her leader more than Allah.
Написал: Ano nymous, 10.06.2013, 20:07

Propaganda, worse then CNN
Написал: Ali Haider, 26.05.2013, 01:21

The Mujahideen would destroy your Hezbollah in seconds..
Написал: Dokuter Tuxo, 29.05.2013, 10:28

No shia are not MUSLIMS 73 sect but only 1 is Islam sunna
Написал: شو حبيب, 20.05.2013, 13:24

Yes you are right.No I thought I was asking stupid questions to you. I thought I was offending Shia'ism has nothing to do with Ahlal sunnah. I don't wanna get misquoted for saying such thing. The rafidah have nothing to do with islam. However there laymen shia are jahil, so my point is to not make takfeer on them. Oh tell me about it...Every sunni in this world thinks "Sunni = Shia = ISLAM" I don't think like that...However I can prove sunni beliefs using shia books. no offence taken!
Написал: aboudi itani, 22.06.2013, 13:03

ask ur father if you know him .. who made ur " islamic revolution ' and who helped ur big dog while he was hiding in france who paid for his entire fake revolution LOL
Написал: Maoelana Noermoehammad, 27.05.2013, 10:13

burairkhi, Ali ra. nvr declared shiasm. eve hasan and husein never declared shiasm.
Написал: ishamael0, 13.06.2013, 18:22

go cry me a river. shias killed 90,000 sunnis. you cry over 60 shias. get lost
Написал: prince killuminati, 17.06.2013, 17:59

whats with all this jew hate u should be praising israel and the west not allah they have provided fsa with everything they need
Написал: drunkSHURA, 29.05.2013, 14:35

i agree with u! all people who follow Islam and Quran should respect eachother and leave eachother in peace or better they should unite and love eachother. i hope that day will come one time inshallah
Написал: أحفاد الصحابة, 25.05.2013, 05:01

letting you now al qa3idah and fsa are funded by america,
Написал: Mujahidah Fisabillah InshAllah, 13.06.2013, 08:36

No! InshaaAllah ta ala our dead are shuhudah who live in the hearts of reen birds inshaaAllah and will be in Jannah. It is the dead of the kuffar (this filthy shia regime included) who will be in Jahanam inshaaAllah ya Rabb!! Wa bis al maseer!!! OUR DEAD ARE IN PARADISE, WHILST YOUR DEAD ARE IN HELL IN SHAA ALLAH.
Написал: Dokuter Tuxo, 29.05.2013, 18:09

No LOOK for the STORY OF suleyman grand FATHER OF Bachar,(friend of Léon Blum) I m frensh i know BETTER than u the relation btw France and the wahesh family (real name of the assadi) so their STORY KEEP UR prayers for u, u need to see the truth 1st shia are NOT MUSLIMS 2nd they re NOT ANTI ZIONISTS
Написал: شو حبيب, 21.05.2013, 22:07

I don't think you understood me. Who told you I am rafidhi mushrik? La3natullah 3ala hizbu shaytan wa bashar al ja7sh...Ofcourse shia's kill women and children because those children are wahabi(sunni). I was giving you shia belief, not mine...I'm sunni - Shafe3ee... Insha'Allah I'll show my face when Bashar falls, we will be celebrating :)) Judging me and accusing me of stupid things without reading properly can get you twisted into a strange argument. Salams...