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!!!Sun Dog Phenomenon!!! (Light Optics & Rainbow Formation) SCIENCE EXPERIMENT

Продолжительность: 00:03:22

!!!Sun Dog Phenomenon!!! (Light Optics & Rainbow Formation) SCIENCE EXPERIMENT Crazy Chris is checking out sun dogs and rainbows and shows you how to form your very own rainbow right at home! Objective: To understand light optics and rainbow and sundog formation. Materials Needed: ~ Garden Hose ~ Sunny Day Step 1) Get your garden hose and turn it on. Step 2) Face your back towards the sun and make a find mist with your garden hose and look into the mist. A rainbow forms. Step 3) Now that you have a rainbow slowly move towards the sun and watch as the rainbow stays put. HOW DOES IT WORK: Rainbows form when the suns light refracts through water droplets in the atmosphere forming the light spectrum. As a sun ray enters a water droplet the light beam is refracted or bent, bounces off the back of the water droplet and exits. As the beam of light exits the water droplet the light beam is refracted again and shoots out a beam of light. The color the water droplets shoots out depends on the angle the light is refreacted. A double rainbow forms pretty much the same way only with a double rainbow the light bounces twice shooting out 2 beams of light. Because light bounces off the back of water droplets the only way to see a rainbow is if the water droplets arein front of you and and the sun is behind you. A sun dog isnt a rainbow because it doenst form by rereacting light in water droplets in the atmosphere. Sun dogs form when the suns light is passes through thiy ice crystals in cold cirrus clouds. As the light passes through these crystals it gets refreacted or bent. Again the angle of refraction depends on the color of the light. If the ice crystals are in a random order you will get a complete halo around the sun. !!!Sun Dog Phenomenon!!! (Light Optics & Rainbow Formation) SCIENCE EXPERIMENT "rainbow formation" "rainbow for children" "rainbow for me" "rainbow formation animation" "rainbow forming" "rainbow forecast" "rainbow for you" "rainbow for the first time" "rainbow forest" "rainbow forever love" "rainbow formation" rainbow formation animation" "rainbow forming" "rainbow form" "how is a rainbow formed" "how does a rainbow form" "how is rainbow formed" "how does rainbow form" "how a rainbow forms" "how rainbow forms" "sundog" "sundog phenomenon" "sundogs band" "sundog perpetual groove" "sundog millionaire" "sundog pictures" "sundogchicky" "sundog sinners" "sundogs band nain" "sundog music" !!!Sun Dog Phenomenon!!! (Light Optics & Rainbow Formation) SCIENCE EXPERIMENT "science experiments" "cool science experiments" "science fair prodjects" "science experiemnts for children" "science fair prodject ideas" "science experiments gone wrong" "science tricks" "science experiments for school" "science fair projects for school" "science experiments to do at home" "science experiments you can do at home" "science experiments explosions" "science experiments cool" "science experiments at home" "science experiments easy" !!!Sun Dog Phenomenon!!! (Light Optics & Rainbow Formation) SCIENCE EXPERIMENT

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Написал: Ender Reality, 18.06.2011, 08:02

wow now i know what sun dogs are thank you!
Написал: JohnnyMorphine, 04.08.2011, 07:44

@Socoolscienceshow I was complimenting X3
Написал: HalloweenClub, 18.06.2011, 03:15

0:56 is my favorite part I the love the SFX while your running :D I didnt know about sun dogs so that was realy nifty luv the vids chris your wicke awsome :D
Написал: puggsoy, 19.07.2012, 13:09

Half the video is balanced on the left which is really uncomfortable when using earphones. But apart from that cool video :D
Написал: JohnnyMorphine, 02.08.2011, 22:30

Aside from being excellently intelligent you are too hot for your own good sir. X3
Написал: xXFlyleafXx, 02.01.2012, 05:35

I've seen these!! I was so scared...
Написал: Melvin Johnson, 18.06.2011, 01:25

Написал: Potasmic, 18.06.2011, 05:07

Heh... I remember this... You were working on "!!NO KITTY THATS...". And I said "There's a rainbow on your back"
Написал: Merdam9, 18.06.2011, 02:17

@Socoolscienceshow Well I think you stepped down with your videos but this one was actually very good and I didn't know anything about Rainbow Dogs (although I knew all you said about rainbows)! I am always here, don't wory :)
Написал: paideguinha, 02.09.2011, 02:22

:( wish I did this but I don't have a hose and a yard. I live in the building.:( :( :(
Написал: TheWwweee, 18.06.2011, 03:17

WOW 9th comments
Написал: Ender Reality, 22.06.2011, 04:01

@Socoolscienceshow where you got rain bow though
Написал: Ender Reality, 21.06.2011, 03:28

@Socoolscienceshow ok i know its windows movie maker but how! :o
Написал: tfan0, 18.06.2011, 03:45

Great and awesome!!!
Написал: Ender Reality, 18.06.2011, 20:14

@Socoolscienceshow 0:16 how did you do that!!!!
Написал: TheOneTrueJoker, 19.06.2011, 08:10

You always feed my educational needs. :)
Написал: tfan0, 18.06.2011, 22:42

@Socoolscienceshow no prob! :D
Написал: Merdam9, 18.06.2011, 01:34

Best video in a while.
Написал: Katelyn Speaks, 18.06.2011, 01:30

Second this dude is insane.... ITS AWESOME
Написал: Ender Reality, 24.06.2011, 00:31

@Socoolscienceshow ok