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Windows 8 Installation and Configuration

Продолжительность: 00:40:23

In this video I detail the complete installation process of Windows 8 on a new drive, including drivers, updates and software. This is the operating system installation for this previous gaming PC build: Classic Shell (adds Start button and other features to make Windows 8 look and work more like Windows 7): Can Carey build a computer for me? Tech-Vets (Carey's free podcast) See more of Carey's video's here: Feel free to 'friend' me on Facebook, but please remember I don't offer technical support or build advice except to people who buy PCs from me. But my videos are free! For collaborations and business inquiries, please contact via Channel Pages:

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Написал: cyberjackcyberjack, 18.10.2014, 22:04

i hate windows 8 .. rather have crappy vista lol
Написал: Ecl1pseProductions, 20.10.2014, 21:41

Написал: Danette Thoma, 25.10.2014, 00:48

Thank You!
Написал: Margus Kivisaar, 24.10.2014, 17:56

Thank you for u videos they really helped me out. I just finished instalin my first computer. 
Написал: thespeed783, 05.07.2014, 21:15

C drive and D drive... CD 
Написал: Brian Peterson, 17.10.2014, 18:36

Mine is stuck at Set up is starting-help!!!
Написал: monkeyboy8me, 26.07.2014, 02:09

All these updates had me dying! Lol
Написал: Ahmad Sofyan, 01.10.2014, 04:42

thank you for the video,................................
Написал: Brandon Heeps, 07.09.2014, 14:15

carey i have windows 8.1 on my computer. windows 8.1 is better than windows 8
Написал: TheBossIsHerePL, 05.09.2014, 22:23

Nobody can explain and show stuff as good as you. Not even Linus and Austin and all the other youtubers.
Написал: aquashakewad, 03.06.2014, 08:38

Lol using the ball style mouse seems like more effort than it is worth.
Написал: Die Scums, 19.08.2014, 08:42

Good work dude, can everyone i work with talk like you please, down with vague people .....bad vague people. Be a teacher man.
Написал: Zeescar, 18.08.2014, 04:45

You literally saved me on the disk management segment.. THANK YOU! I had no idea what to do on my build!!!
Написал: Speedbird, 11.08.2014, 22:01

Here's a Windows installation tip if you're installing it for someone else. When the personalization window appears, press Ctrl+Shift+F3. This will enter it into Audit mode, where you can install the drivers. It will also open the Sysprep window, press cancel. When you're done, stop Windows Media Player Sharing service (Sysprep has problems with it) by typing "net stop WMPNetworkSvc" into the command prompt without the quotes, open Sysprep (it's in C:\Windows\system32\Sysprep) select "Enter Out-of-box Experience (OOBE)" and "Shutdown". When the customer starts it, he/she can personalize it and create a user.
Написал: Kwaku Boateng, 08.08.2014, 12:02

thank you for the video, it has also made quite to learning a lot about installation. but let with the software l use drive pack and do you think of that one too. think in simple but my processor reject some soft wares.
Написал: Cj Mather, 21.05.2014, 21:55

Great Video. Has helped me a lot. Just the whole video it sounds like your using a mouse from 1996 lol
Написал: ahmed tarek, 08.08.2014, 16:32

I'am sorry but i need the serial number i cant found it
Написал: Kody Lane, 10.07.2014, 23:37

Good Video
Написал: Dominika Gruszecka, 05.06.2014, 11:27

Great video, folowed instructions and all worked super well, THNX !!
Написал: Shaun Baylis, 28.05.2014, 23:56

Great video. Down with metro view
Написал: Frankie Soto, 08.05.2014, 23:31

Hi Carey, just wanted to let you know that this installation process was very smooth, thank you it was very helpful.
Написал: Neil Richardet, 04.05.2014, 18:43

Truly informative - I applied this Step-By-Step and my new Windows 8 computer and now it looks and works just like my other Windows 7 computer. "Classic Shell" is what Microsoft should have offered in their installation and setup procedure. I can't thank you enough for demystifying this procedure.
Написал: Karthik M, 09.05.2014, 17:25

Yo bro, thank you very much....It really worked , you made my day...
Написал: SOLID MOE, 31.01.2014, 21:16

The Most Straightforward Tutorials, Great Videos.
Написал: Andy Reed, 16.04.2014, 13:46