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WTC Debate Chris Mohr vs. Richard Gage.wmv

Продолжительность: 02:35:14

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Написал: Self Education Radio, 23.02.2014, 14:54

Chris mohr doesn't understand resistance... you can't accelerate through a building... the bilding slows you down.... he thinks the collapse would naturally go faster and faster... but only a controlled demolition can do that.
Написал: Self Education Radio, 23.02.2014, 14:49

Richard Wiped the floor with that idiot... @39:00 he claimed the top of the building was coming down at 100 miles per hour.. how is that possible.. where did the top of the building have room to build up that velocity. it was sitting still.. then got blown up as we saw... you didn't see an million ton block falling from the sky and crushing the twin towers... and his analogy of the weight is stupid because the 25lb weight is denser than the scale.. the top of the building was the same density but less massive than the bottom.
Написал: ronyan1, 04.12.2013, 05:39

This guy thinks that air compression between collapsing floors created 482 mph winds inside the towers. Debate over. Done. I want some of what he's smoking.
Написал: David Lango, 22.02.2014, 02:07

"Microscopic bone fragments, concrete in talcum powder form, and it's full of iron dust and it sticks to a magnet, on top of a roof of a tall building 500 feet away. How did that get there?" THAT ladies and gentlemen is honest investigative journalism. I'm not buying the "gravity does strange things" side of what's going back and forth in this long drawn out debate. The establishment usurped our government in 1913 and things went from great to worse over the last hundred years with each lie printed in news and each new diploma in anthropology and every single war. All wars are based on lies. The establishment censors the media to lie and create the context for war. Look where we are today. Certainly 9/11 is the foundation for all of our modern illicit war and tyranny at home. But what's worse is the establishment is poisoning the planet. Weather control has been a secret weapon since WWII. Edward Snowden revealed the "scientist" in charge of Geo-engineering believes North America will burn up in a year if we make him stop spraying Chemtrails. Chemtrails are made of nano-aluminum and sprayed at high altitude to block out the sun and the people doing it believe they are fighting global warming. We need to reach people on the "inside" and let them know the establishment exists on a lie. We're not supposed to have an IRS or a FED! Woodrow Wilson's treason of accepting a million dollar campaign contribution in promise of signing the Federal Reserve Act and followed by Secretary of State Philander Knox's fraud of declaring the States actually ratified the 16th Amendment! The establishment controls the global conversation. The establishment used media censorship to usurp our government in 1913. 9/11 is a symptom. Monsanto providing us "aluminum resistant" seeds so we can grow food is a vulture feeding on the carcass of liberty lost. The establishment is spraying poison on our heads without our knowledge or consent. I read an article that this is a self loathing syndrome these shadow bankers are going through, as they already own the debt of all the nations that they convinced over the centuries to make war, all they want now is to abide the Georgia Guidestones. And they're deliberately sending a torpedo into their own ship, Earth, to make it happen. 
Написал: roquefortfiles, 21.02.2014, 03:53

There is no building in the world that would even begin to carry 14 floors in failure.. Any structural engineer knows a building carries its floor loads as static weight. It does not carry them as dynamic weight. And Gage knows this. There fore this makes him one of two things. An idiot. Or a liar. There is NO in between. A dynamic load of 14 floors would demolish the building to the ground. 
Написал: Crate Krait, 31.07.2013, 12:58

well according to JVCcam96's example. lets say you had 5 similar scales stacked together, and a weight held twice as high as your initial height above the scale, and then dropped it, what do you think will happen? the top scale will probably be damaged but the weight will meet resistance as it has four more scales to pass through (which would delay in the time)it and the bottom scale will not be even aware of what happened above.
Написал: ctcole77, 21.06.2013, 21:34

Are you for real idiot? Bin Laden didn't live in a cave. Absolutely no building collapsed at free fall on 911. Free fall isn't even a "speed" Mr. Science. 911 TRUTH = 911 LIES
Написал: lexi con, 20.06.2013, 17:47

die shill! You are a traitor
Написал: lexi con, 20.06.2013, 17:35

Chris Mohr is full of shit.
Написал: CathartikRequiem, 25.03.2013, 10:23

I don't care if you've never heard of him or not. That makes no difference. I'll continue to wait on your refutation of all of the aforementioned experts.
Написал: JVCcam96, 22.05.2013, 09:54

If you had a weight and you placed it on a bathroom scale, it will give a measurement of the weight, right? Lets say, i took the same weight and i held it about 10 feet above the scale, then dropped it, what do you think will happen? The scale will get damaged before giving a measurement. Same thing with the twin towers, because gravity took over once the collapse started the weight of the building becomes greater that the object below won't be able to support it. f=ma
Написал: Crate Krait, 02.08.2013, 01:48

but sir, if you look all the "coincidences" happening in one day, that should be enough to raise questions, and when the answers given strays away from the fact so much that it raises even more questions that wont be answered or ignored, theres that doubt circle that we all are in. We want only truth and justice for the people in america and the world that suffered since that day. Please look at the bigger picture, who controls what
Написал: HereticNews, 24.05.2013, 22:09

The idea that the upper floors crushed the lower floors has been disproven. An analysis of the velocity profile of the twin towers shows that there was no momentum bump or deceleration in the velocity profile where the upper floors would have met the lower floors. This is physically impossible if the upper floors crashed into the lower floors. See David Chandler's analysis at watch?v=i9M1iufUAVA and watch?v=ZjSd9wB55zk. So this entire line of reasoning is a red herring.
Написал: Pascalsmit1971, 11.04.2013, 07:00

Watch zeitgeist the movie 2007 and see & hear clean up crew AND firemen CONFIRM the molten steel. And profits of the book and dvd are peanuts. Gage quit his job for this, he could have earned more money just being silent about all this. And stop insulting people calling them loser. Your statements just are proven nonsense. Watch Zeitgeist, if you dare.
Написал: leftysergeant, 25.03.2013, 02:23

Bullshit. They were posted on JREF and Millette is sending his paper throuugh peer review. It was paint on flakes of oxicized steel. The is everywhere in an office building, anywhere in the world. It takes a pretty delusional doofus not to see than just from scanning with the Mark I eyeball,
Написал: youstupidmoron, 23.07.2013, 22:48

Lets see, what makes more sense, the government calling new networks telling them a building collapsed before knowing it would collapse for sure or a news station making a mistake about a building number? Only an ignorant conspiracy nut would think "the government" would say a building fell before knowing if the mythical demo would even be successful! Truthers have no common sense
Написал: CathartikRequiem, 13.04.2013, 05:36

hey look. a response that doesn't answer, or even ADDRESS my ONE question..... good usual cole. hahahahahhahahaha
Написал: Michael Micklow, 03.10.2013, 02:40

An investigative journalist vs. a 23-year architect? The parameters of this debate are skewed in the favor of the architect to begin with. Funny that nobody was willing to stand against Gage and argue for the official narrative.. I think it's because every single chemical engineer and architect realizes that natural collapse theory has very little water. Everything indicates controlled collapse.
Написал: leftysergeant, 25.03.2013, 02:00

Why hasn't that charlatan Griscom explained what they put kaolin in thermite for?
Написал: lexi con, 20.06.2013, 17:48

you are employed to ridicule anyone challenging the 'official story' blatant shill, You have been exposed many times, by many people.
Написал: leftysergeant, 05.08.2013, 06:15

There is no kaolin in real thermite. Gage and Jones and Harrit are up to their eyeballs in it.
Написал: kjohnsen045, 18.03.2013, 13:01

Someone might want to study Mohr's argument for evidence of nanothermite. Because Gage DEMOLISHED it.
Написал: Crate Krait, 31.07.2013, 01:53

and if Bin laden didnt live in a cave then why were we told that Bin laden was in caves. I remember the news headline that said, "SEARCHING FOR BIN LADEN IN CAVES IN AFGHANISTAN". the media its all biased nowadays.
Написал: youstupidmoron, 11.04.2013, 12:54

"Super duper nano thermite" can't do it, thermite burns up instantly, that's how it works, it releases all its energy fast! When used to cut steel it blows out slag, this slag cools and hardens just as fast as thermite burns, there's no way it could follow molten steel around keeping it at a minimum of 2600f, it's simply impossible! If you truthers had any intellect you would have known this! Truthers are complete IDIOTS! They don't think, instead they fall for every myth they hear! Truther=dumb
Написал: Crate Krait, 31.07.2013, 01:52

listen, a building does not fall symmetrically into its own footprint where it suffered asymmetrical damages. please show me any videos of building falling symmetrically within an hour or two or EVEN THREE OR EVEN FOUR, due to fire except the ones on 911. its logic, is it so hard for you to grasp?