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WTC Debate Chris Mohr vs. Richard Gage.wmv

Продолжительность: 02:35:14

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Написал: Chad Hale, 30.10.2014, 20:40

Two thumbs up.
Написал: 1emmanouil1, 08.08.2014, 18:04

one last thing cause im sure there ll be someone that doesnt trust im a scientist.this journalist claims the upper part of the tower was coming down at 100 m/h which should be lets say 160 khm/h.but if one applies equasions of motion on that upper block(basic physics) it comes up(and i can elaborate if asked) that the velocity of that upper block was 8,63m/s or 31,068 khm/h!!!thats like 5 times less the speed he claims and would justify the gravitational collapse.quite frankly im amazed that Richard didnt nail his arse on the wall with this! last but not least if u still believe the gravitational collapse theory then think..why do people spend thousands of dollars in demolition experts to bring down buildings??all they should do is set em on fire and let gravity do the rest at no cost! simply more proof that people are stupid..?
Написал: oller, 15.08.2014, 09:39

Chris Mohr relies on his sympathetic appearance. Unfortunately, that is the only excuse he has for participating in this debate.
Написал: John Lah, 13.08.2014, 01:14

Chris Mohr is awful! He's fumbles and bumbles around the physics and then "gravity could do that!" Pitiful. It's too bad Gage wasn't debating someone with scientific competence, because I would like an explanation as to how gravity could do all this work smashing and grinding concrete, file cabinets and decking into a fine dust, without slowing the fall. 
Написал: SpangoChrikoWeirdo, 16.05.2014, 15:47

Truthers are moronic beyond words. Such debates are fun but actually lead to the the notion that there is a debate. Let me get this straight. No one planted explosives in the buildings. To think otherwise is idiotic and truthers should seek help.
Написал: oller, 15.08.2014, 05:43

Gravity pulverizes metal! (Chris Mohr) !!!
Написал: Edward Cassidy, 23.09.2014, 21:24

How much did the government pay NIST for their Sheep report. 
Написал: oller, 15.08.2014, 05:33

Chris Mohr is also perfectly chosen for debunking. He has no expert knowledge and can say anything without turning red. A knowledgeable person would never try to say things like this. 
Написал: Phil Shockley, 06.09.2014, 05:17

Anyone that has observed how any part of this government works would know that NIST would not fail to analyze the possibility of cutting charges because (for the reason of) it did not occur to them. Every bit of the governments excuses in everything that has to do with 9/11 that does not make sense is that 'we are not evil, we are stupid and incompetent.' And that (if you believe their version) everything that would appear to be cooperation is coincidence. Personally I believe both sides of this debate serve them and the truth is more than a single evil act or total impotence. The towers did not look like a structural nor a controlled demolition to me. 7 though, before and after the debate, obviously was. 7 obviously was the objective and the towers merely a diversion. I have 3.2 trillion reasons for thinking that. 
Написал: Totaro17, 26.08.2014, 18:03

There are pics of pancaked floors at WTC site. And crews at the site found 14 pancaked reduced to around 8 ft and 20 floors reduced to 10-12 feet. And the concrete in the pancakes were mostly there. I think the government was complacent in some way with letting The attacks happen . But explosives in the World Trade Center hard to believe!! Aluminum oxide and barium nitrate are byproducts of thermitic reactions nano or regular. And not one nano gram of either has been found. So when the truth movement, Cherry picks, exaggerates, distorts and downright lies. That Really throw me off because the government did have something to do with this just not some of these crazy hypothesis, theory, explanations, etc.. It takes away from the real lies the government has said.
Написал: Edward Cassidy, 23.09.2014, 21:11

NIST seems to have all the answers I wonder if he should ask them about all the government contracts hundreds if not thousands they get. I don't think they would bite the hand that feeds them. Do you?
Написал: oller, 15.08.2014, 02:01

Chris Mohr says that the mass is the same regardless if it is concentrated to one block or disintegrated into 1 000 pieces and would thus have the same capacity to destroy the underlying structure. Is he really serious? Would a mass of 1 ton divided into 1 kilo pieces cause the same damage on a steel beam as would the same amount in one piece? In the actual case much of the mass was already dustified? The same mass dustified? The difference is the distribution of resistance that the underlying structure can give. End of story. CM seems to have lost his feet already here.
Написал: 1emmanouil1, 08.08.2014, 15:29

by the way for those who dont know the scientific article produced by professors Jones and Harrit proving the presence of unignited nanothermite in the WTC dust remains unchallenged by the scientific community to this date(August 2014) i simply rest my case
Написал: SonsOf Scotland, 30.06.2014, 20:54

I always try to find good arguments to prove AE911 wrong. I am always hopeful that the natural collapse theory will be explained. However, to my ongoing horror, it's always just a complete load of bullshit. Chris Mohr never answers questions directly and even refused to answer some. Instead he focuses on very specific facts that are meaningless to the actual explanation of the collapse. Chris buddy, I hope you're proud of yourself. Also hope your motivation here is to protect yourself\family vs. profiting. At least I could understand your position if the former -
Написал: Michael Waters, 21.06.2014, 06:45

If I knew nothing of the facts of 911 (I DO know a lot), I'd side with the truthers simply because the the believers in the official story are so mean and nasty ("Don't you dare speak for us! I know many, MANY other family members, they ALL despise Gage and how he's making money off the deaths of their loved ones! By the way loser, NO ONE found even an ounce of once molten steel at the WTC! Not a drop!". This ought to tell people something. People with truth needn't demean others. All they need to do is state their case. Which isn't done in this debate.. And then there are the obvious lie that "no one saw molten steel." Nonsense, the pictures of pools of molten steel have been available for years. Verdict: Gage wins by default, AND by reasonable facts. 
Написал: 1emmanouil1, 08.08.2014, 15:22

as a scientist (bachelor in chemistry) listening to the journalist s arguments i want to laugh and cry at the same time. it never seizes to amaze me the lengths to which uneducated people will go to gain 5 min. of fame.
Написал: drie wiel, 01.06.2014, 10:05

If it had been just the 2 towers coming down hardly anyone would question the official story. It's like this. If someone tells me he saw a green elephant I would believe him. When he also tells me this elephant played the violin while driving a car and talked fluent Spanish, Chinese and Norwegian, then I know he's talking crap. This is the problem. Take one miracle from 9-11 and it can be debunked by some miracle explanation. But if you put everything together and too many coincidences occurred. It is simply not possible. Richard Cage could be wrong on a couple of things. Debunkers immediately point it out. Like reading Einstein's Theories and discover a grammar error. Yet they fail to see the whole picture. The list of coincidences is endless. If you truly believe that man saw the elephant then you also haven't a single doubt what the US government tells you is always exactly what happened. There are architects for 9-11 truth, firefighter for 9-11 truth, scientists for 9-11 truth, even politicians for 9-11 truth. Ask yourself, how come? Are they all nuts? So if you spot a green elephant playing the violin while driving a car and is talking Chinese, Swedish and Spanish, then let me know. And oh, yes it was Norwegian, not Swedish. You debunkers really payed attention. Does that make the elephant true? 
Написал: Michael Waters, 21.06.2014, 06:23

youstupidmoron (such a charming name!) wrote: "Lets see, what makes more sense, the government calling new networks telling them a building collapsed before knowing it would collapse for sure or a news station making a mistake about a building number? Only an ignorant conspiracy nut would think "the government" would say a building fell before knowing if the mythical demo would even be successful! Truthers have no common sense" Ever hear of "human error,?" It happens. A lot. This would explain the premature accouncement. The Fixers screwed up. It happens, I've noticed. 
Написал: Self Education Radio, 23.02.2014, 14:54

Chris mohr doesn't understand resistance... you can't accelerate through a building... the bilding slows you down.... he thinks the collapse would naturally go faster and faster... but only a controlled demolition can do that.
Написал: Michael Waters, 21.06.2014, 06:19

youstupidmoron, a charmer, wrote: "Tell me Dick Gage, how did the clean up crew cut and remove those thousands of tons of hardened molten steel out of the basements? Why did not one of the clean up crew find a scrap of molten steel? Why does Gage show a hunk of melted aluminum full of thin, unmelted sheets of steel, carpet, plastic and paper that can be still read? Gage lied throughout the debate, why? Gage is a disgusting slime profiting off the deaths of 9/11. He makes me sick!" 1. Molten steel was observable by any of the clean-up people. They removed it carefully. 2. When you lodge such intense insults ("disgusting slime"), you say more about yourself than the person you assail. Thus, you lose credibility. 3. Your first point makes no sense, so I suppose you never had much credibility.
Написал: Self Education Radio, 23.02.2014, 14:49

Richard Wiped the floor with that idiot... @39:00 he claimed the top of the building was coming down at 100 miles per hour.. how is that possible.. where did the top of the building have room to build up that velocity. it was sitting still.. then got blown up as we saw... you didn't see an million ton block falling from the sky and crushing the twin towers... and his analogy of the weight is stupid because the 25lb weight is denser than the scale.. the top of the building was the same density but less massive than the bottom.
Написал: David Lango, 22.02.2014, 02:07

"Microscopic bone fragments, concrete in talcum powder form, and it's full of iron dust and it sticks to a magnet, on top of a roof of a tall building 500 feet away. How did that get there?" THAT ladies and gentlemen is honest investigative journalism. I'm not buying the "gravity does strange things" side of what's going back and forth in this long drawn out debate. The establishment usurped our government in 1913 and things went from great to worse over the last hundred years with each lie printed in news and each new diploma in anthropology and every single war. All wars are based on lies. The establishment censors the media to lie and create the context for war. Look where we are today. Certainly 9/11 is the foundation for all of our modern illicit war and tyranny at home. But what's worse is the establishment is poisoning the planet. Weather control has been a secret weapon since WWII. Edward Snowden revealed the "scientist" in charge of Geo-engineering believes North America will burn up in a year if we make him stop spraying Chemtrails. Chemtrails are made of nano-aluminum and sprayed at high altitude to block out the sun and the people doing it believe they are fighting global warming. We need to reach people on the "inside" and let them know the establishment exists on a lie. We're not supposed to have an IRS or a FED! Woodrow Wilson's treason of accepting a million dollar campaign contribution in promise of signing the Federal Reserve Act and followed by Secretary of State Philander Knox's fraud of declaring the States actually ratified the 16th Amendment! The establishment controls the global conversation. The establishment used media censorship to usurp our government in 1913. 9/11 is a symptom. Monsanto providing us "aluminum resistant" seeds so we can grow food is a vulture feeding on the carcass of liberty lost. The establishment is spraying poison on our heads without our knowledge or consent. I read an article that this is a self loathing syndrome these shadow bankers are going through, as they already own the debt of all the nations that they convinced over the centuries to make war, all they want now is to abide the Georgia Guidestones. And they're deliberately sending a torpedo into their own ship, Earth, to make it happen. 
Написал: Turner9090, 31.05.2014, 18:54

Everything that has to do with fireproofing the steel has to do with floor supports...floors hold the valuable cargo...just floor collapsing could not destroy the whole building maybe some of the perimeter maybe some of the core but not the entire building...he also keeps mentioning free fall (speed) saying it's 60% slower than free fall "speed" the problem is Chris a fall is an acceleration the speed is constantly changing until you get to terminal velocity..the problem here is that the buildings were "ACCELERATING" going faster and faster through something of greater mass
Написал: Turner9090, 18.05.2014, 20:05

Yea I would argue that Chris mohr's ignorance is almost "recklessness"...he prob just loves dominating the world wit democracy
Написал: ronyan1, 04.12.2013, 05:39

This guy thinks that air compression between collapsing floors created 482 mph winds inside the towers. Debate over. Done. I want some of what he's smoking.