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GOLD IN HOME DEPOT SAND !!! What type to get. Ask Jeff Williams

Продолжительность: 00:06:28

George " Buzzard " Massie originally found Gold in Home Depot Sand years ago and we wanted to find out for ourselves if the Legend was true.Where can you find Gold ? In Home Depot Sand, that's where.Enjoy. Jeff

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Написал: Coop Ryan, 26.06.2014, 17:16

Entertaining and educational from your information to your techniques. Thank you for your effort. It's golden..
Написал: breezebro, 10.07.2014, 13:25

That's Quikrete, not sand. Quikrete is a quick setting cement/sand/rock mix. Be prepared to do something with the concrete result.
Написал: Minecraft game, 02.06.2014, 21:54

I found gold today 
Написал: Silver Sasquatch, 29.05.2014, 14:55

hahahaha your a character for sure Sir, nice video
Написал: Trace Smith, 23.05.2014, 05:54

Sure! Plenty of beach. Don't forget sweater&sunscreen. Intense sun 20 hrs a day. 20-50°f. Bring an ATV and a tent. Nome is totally swinging into season. Price line got me from or to anc to Nome for about 400. :)
Написал: Aaron Royer, 08.05.2014, 04:58

Can you pan the sand then return it?
Написал: opticalriot, 13.05.2014, 19:56

what was the machine you ran it through? It was like a mini version of what I saw in the Gold mining show
Написал: rowdy westheim, 22.06.2014, 18:18

Написал: MrRockinChair65, 30.04.2014, 00:32

Haha I love your videos! You are a complete nut! Lot's of fun, and informative to boot. Thanks for all the info and fun!
Написал: Trace Smith, 19.05.2014, 20:23

jeff, can i borrow u and your trommel? trace in nome ak
Написал: RykeRyket mtx, 20.04.2014, 03:39

I don't know why, but I feel as though you would be a great TV salesman for infomercials and such 
Написал: freudenbergfilms, 20.04.2014, 02:45

LOL loved watching this you have HEAPS of energy!!!
Написал: Robb's Homemade Life, 16.04.2014, 13:19

Came for the gold. Stayed for the fool. LOL actually, enjoyed the energy and humor.
Написал: rob cammer, 11.04.2014, 08:46

Love the (positive) energy jeff gives off. Maybe next he can have a dog on the show to dig a few holes beats a shovel lol. A few years ago a woman was at one of those ruby mines in tennessee and you buy bags of rocks from the mine I think it was the Cherokee Ruby Mine and in one of the bags she scored a ruby worth over 260k. So you never know what you will end up with. 
Написал: Sithus1966, 02.04.2014, 11:16

So $8.25 worth of sand and all that work for how much gold?
Написал: texas outdoors man 97, 20.08.2014, 03:34

do you think there was enough to break even? how much gold did you get from all of that? (# of grams)
Написал: alchemy guide, 19.08.2014, 23:27

Написал: Leonard Gonzalez, 16.08.2014, 05:20

I love this guys attitude!
Написал: Alejandro Torres, 25.03.2014, 21:34

That was awesome, Jeff. I'm just now taking my first steps into gold panning, and your video re-inspired me and made me laugh. I just need to take this gold pan off the shelf and get out there!
Написал: TheBombhard, 12.08.2014, 22:41

Ahh, the old slip nuggets in with the "concentrate" scam. Good one bro, its a classic among alot of elaborate trickery. 6 out of 3 stars. 
Написал: dmitri senda, 11.08.2014, 07:53

what happens to the sand afterwards ?
Написал: excalibur1010, 10.08.2014, 17:59

not worth the effort whoo hoo... and the sand price ,gasoline etc and all the time.. pretty cool though and informative
Написал: zvai, 09.08.2014, 11:39

Cool you spent $21 to get $2 in gold. Keep it up.
Написал: Inachu Ikimasho, 08.08.2014, 20:29

in other training video when you get down to the black sand you then want to use a magnet to get rid of any magnetic particles of ion ore.
Написал: Scott Chandler, 08.08.2014, 20:05

Don't waist your time with this unless you live out west. Tried some Quickrete standard sand here in FL, just regular old sugar sand. Had some black sand in the bottom of the pan but was not magnetic. Little pieces of broken shell and silica was the first hint.